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24 Solar Terms: Shuangjiang (First Frost)

  October 23, or the seventh of the ninth month of Chinese lunar calendar, is the 18th solar term and the last in autumn this year. Most regions in China enter chill late autumn around Shuangjiang (First Frost).   Video provided by China Xinhua News Network Corporation   Eating persimmon   It is believed that eating persimmon during Shuangjiang can keep the body warm and strength muscles and bones. Drying fresh persimmon into persimmon cake is a classic procedure to make the nutritious traditional Chinese snack.   Chrysanthemum Festival at Yuhuagong Scenic Resort, Tongchuan    Ascending hills to enjoy autumn scenery   The ninth of the ninth month of Chinese lunar calendar (October 25, 2020) is a significant traditional Chinese festival – Double Ninth Festival. The number nine is the highest single-digit odd number (yang number). People ascend mountains and hills to admire chrysanthemums and beautiful autumn scenery, wearing dogwood to ward off evil spirits. Traditionally, it marks an important occasion to worship gods and ancestors. Today,Read More…


An In-depth Tour in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province

  Today, we are about to take you to a beautiful city – the ancient city of Quzhou in the west of Zhejiang province. It is located in the upper reaches of the Qiantangjiang River, adjoining Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces, covering an area of 8844 km² and governing Kecheng and Qujiang districts, Longyou, Changshan and Kaihua counties and Jiangshan city. Quzhou is quite a metropolitan that you would love at first sight. Sounds improbable? Let’s have a look ~   Diverse Nature Quzhou is named after the surrounding mountain and flourishes because of the waters. Xianxialing Mountains, Huaiyu Mountains and Qianligang Mountains encircle the city in which nine rivers, including Changshan River, Jiangshan River and Wuxi River, converge.   六春湖 Liuchun Lake     With a forest coverage rate of 71.5% and per capita green space of 15.2 ㎡, Quzhou is an important ecological barrier, a national eco-demonstration zone, a national gardenRead More…


24 Solar Terms:Hanlu – Cold Dew

  October 8, or the 22nd of the eighth month of Chinese lunar calendar, marks the 17th solar term – Hanlu (Cold Dew), when temperature is  much lower than that of White Dew and the dews are almost condensed into frost.       Hanlu is the perfect time to enjoy crab feast and appreciate chrysanthemums. The female crabs are mature with creamy roe and tender meat. A natural accompaniment to cold-natured crab is wine, which is even better if it is made of chrysanthemums. Drinking chrysanthemum wine is an ancient tradition with wind-dispersing, heat-clearing, liver-nourishing and eyesight-improving functions ever since the Han dynasty.    Crab on Lotus Leaf Artist:Unknown Year:Song dynasty Dimension:28.4×28 cm Technique: Ink and color on silk In the collection of the Palace Museum   Chrysanthemums Artist:Unknown Year:Southern Song dynasty Dimension:24×25.1 cm Technique: Ink and color on silk In the collection of the Palace Museum     Let’s enjoy the scrumptious crabs, sip the wine and appreciate the masterpieces ofRead More…


“Greetings from Other Land ” Mid-Autumn Festival H5 Applet

This is an interactive applet. When you open it, you will see a rotating earth, where there are many iconic pictures of landmark images indicating the frequent and colorful cultural and tourism exchanges between China and the country. By turning the earth with your finger and clicking on a country’s landmark image, you can see the country’s iconic attractions and the Mid-Autumn expressions by foreign friends. The APPLET can also generate sharing page and Mid-Autumn Festival greeting card.       虚拟之旅入口 Virtual Tour Entrance: 或扫描以下二维码 or scan the QR code below     Facebook: China Cultural Center in Stockholm Tik Tok: cccinstockholm Wechat: 斯德哥尔摩中国文化中心 or scan the QR code below


Online Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival – a VR Experience

  Through VR and other new interactive technologies, this online celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival invites you to enjoy the festival and a tour around China. The online tour tells the story of the Mid-Autumn Festival, introduces China’s intangible cultural heritage and covers cultural and urban landscape of seven regions in China, including Tibet, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Audience can look through different tourist attractions, fly the Kongming Lanterns and send electronic postcards.   Virtual Tour Entrance: 或扫描以下二维码 or scan the QR code below  


Qipao Show on Mid-Autumn Night

  The Magnolia Cheongsam Team was founded at Karolinska Institutet in April 2016. President of the Sweden Shanghai Association (Professor at Karolinska) Lifu Hu appointed Ms. Hong Zhou the artistic director of Magnolia Cheongsam Team. Since its establishment, this Cheongsam Team has dedicated to celebrating traditional Chinese costume culture and introducing Chinese classics into Northern Europe in an independent and original manner, while incorporating various styles of international standard dance, Latin dance, jazz dance, Chinese folk dance and the essence of today’s international fashion show into Chinese cheongsam culture. The Magnolia Cheongsam Team extends imagination from the stage to the nature of Stockholm, giving cheongsam a new life. It is believed that the sparks produced by the merging of Eastern and Western cultures will bring infinite charm.   Facebook: China Cultural Center in Stockholm Tik Tok: cccinstockholm Wechat: 斯德哥尔摩中国文化中心 or scan the QR code below