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2022 China Ice and Snow Tourism

As the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will take place between February 4 and 20 and the Paralympic Winter Games between March 4 and 13, winter sports and tourism are also getting increasingly popular. In the vast areas of northern China, people are looking forward to the arrival of the snow season. From snowball fighting and snowman building to skating and skiing, all kinds of outdoor ice and snow activities are a colorful and fun part of the cold winter. The unique ice and snow landscape, popular ice and snow culture and diverse ice and snow sports make northern China an ideal winter tourism destination. China Cultural Center in Stockholm will launch a series of online ice and snow-themed events, inviting people in Sweden to enjoy the beauty of ice and snow in seven provinces and cities in northern China. Join us for a fantastic ice and snow journey during winter! 2022 China Ice and Snow Tourism Promotion Video With the theme of “The Joyful Journey of Snowflakes”,Read More…


2021 Chinese Festival Wonderful Tour Series

From spring to autumn, from the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi Festival (Double Seventh Festival), to the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chongyang Festival (Double Ninth Festival), festivals connect every lovely day throughout the year. Since this year, Henan TV has launched a series of wonderful tours of traditional Chinese festivals, realizing new expressions of traditional culture through technological innovations, which instantly went viral. China Cultural Center in Stockholm selects and presents the following ten high-quality artistic performances, which combine elegant or powerful dances with rich traditional cultural elements such as martial arts, painting, calligraphy, cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage, giving new vitality to the ancient culture with vivid narration, AR and other special effects technologies. 2021 Henan TV Spring Festival Gala 《Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty》 Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour 《Rhapsody on the Luo River Goddess》   A breathtaking Chinese traditional dance underwater has wowed internet users withRead More…


LILLA AKADEMIEN En skola för livet – fylld av musik

Lilla Akademien är en specialiserad och omsorgsfullt utformad musikskola, där en gedigen musikutbildning av hög kvalitet integreras med akademisk utbildning. Skolan grundades år 1994 av den pedagogiska visionären och musikern Nina Balabina. Lilla Akademien erbjuder en kreativ atmosfär där varje elev får möjligheten att utveckla sin fulla potential och bli det som antikens greker avsåg med en ”musiker” – en ansvarstagande, tolerant, intellektuellt öppen och nyfiket kreativ del av samhället. Idag är Lilla Akademien en väletablerad musikskola, med omkring 730 barn och elever på de olika utbildningarna, i åldern 4 – 25 år. På några få år har Lilla Akademien vuxit till att bli en av de mest betydelsefulla och inflytelserika musikinstitutionerna i Skandinavien för utbildning av unga musiker. Lilla Akademien har sin grund i att utveckla elevernas kreativitet och konstnärlighet, främja elevernas lärande och fostra till fria, aktivt ansvarstagande, medkännande och mångsidiga individer. Samt att vägleda elevernas egen kreativitetRead More…


Happy National Day of China 2021

As we wave goodbye to the Mid-Autumn Festival with the fullest moon on the 15th of the eighth lunar month, and watch the sun set for the last time in September below the horizon, the National Day of the People’s Republic of China arrives on October 1 yet again. In the 72 years since the founding of the New China, fundamental changes and remarkable achievements have been made. As the first Western country to establish diplomatic relations with China, Sweden has kept long-term cooperation with China. China’s 72 Years Development in Statistics China Cultural Center in Stockholm hereby shares with you the spectacular natural and cultural landscape of Beautiful China while appreciating the poems and verses sung with the tune of Kunqu Opera to celebrate China’s National Day with sincere wishes. Beautiful China Facebook: China Cultural Center in Stockholm Instagram: chinaculturalcenterinstockholm Youtube: China Cultural Center in Stockholm Tik Tok: cccinstockholm Address: Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2, Stockholm


The New Classic of Mountains and Seas

The New Classic of Mountains and Seas Overview China Cultural Center in Stockholm cooperates with Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to launch a virtual exhibition of “The New Classic of Mountains and Seas” curated and produced by Zhejiang Art Museum. The exhibition conveys the “eastern imagination” with cultural accumulation of national belief, thus profoundly embodying the contemporary, practical and global significance of traditional Chinese culture. Exhibition Overview A total of 124 sets of works of nearly 50 artists from China, USA, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Japan are displayed in this exhibition. With reference to the basic characteristics and religious background of ancient Chinese mythological thinking such as ubiquitous chaos, imagery and reverence for virtues, the exhibition interprets the life consciousness of The Book of Mountains and Seas from three themes of universal time and space, the divine and the strange, and the poetic contexts, which can be reflected respectively in the three sections of “PrimordialRead More…


Music Zhejiang – Be Here to Hear

浙里有乐 浙里 有望得见的青山 浙里 有缠绵不绝的绿水 浙里 有忘不了的乡愁 浙里 有魂牵梦绕的乐音 There are lush mountains surrounding Zhejiang There are lucid waters winding through Zhejiang There is forever nostalgia for Zhejiang There is lingering music in Zhejiang Poetry, calligraphy, rituals and music are the classics of Confucianism in ancient China. Folk music, as a traditional instrumental music performance, is known as the national music. Among a myriad of genres of Chinese folk music, Jiangnan stringed and wind music is born and grown in the south Yangtze River region, and takes root in the heart of local people. Zhejiang Province is a delightful image of poetry, scenery, and music. The online folk music film series are launched against the backdrop of the pandemic, displaying the beauty of Four Poetic Roads in the Province, and relating to Zhejiang’s cultural essence, picturesque landscape, and the development of cultural tourism, to bring the international-looking province and the world closer. Drum Drum culture dates to thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the sage Confucius’s quotes-“let’s get excited with the drumbeats”. Clay drum, the first Chinese drumsRead More…