Call for Short Video Contributions

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Call for Photogragh Contributions “The Four Stunning Seasons of China”

Call for Photogragh Contributions “The Four Stunning Seasons of China – Your Perspective”   If you enjoy travelling and photography, please join us; If you love sharing and chatting about stories “on the road”, please join us; If you are attracted by the four dazzling seasons and, like us, want to show the world the magnificent landscapes of beautiful China, then come along. Join www.travelchina.org.cn and share your photographs, so the world may see the four stunning seasons of China from your perspective! Organizers www.travelchina.org.cn Beijing Sunny Communications Ltd. Content Original photography works that showcase “Beautiful China” and tell Chinese stories focusing on four themes, namely natural landscapes, cultural relics and historical sites, folk customs, and leisure and holiday.   Contribution time: 2021/05/25 – 2021/10/15 Photograph Requirements 1. A single photograph or a set of 4 – 8 photographs; 2. All shooting equipment permitted: SLR cameras, mobile phones or drones; 3. Submissions must be in JPG format andRead More…


Beijing International Health Tourism Expo 2021

Overview of Beijing International Health Tourism Expo  (HTE2021) Beijing International Health Tourism Expo (HTE2021) will take place at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing between 13 and 15 August with an exhibition area of 13,000 square meters. Under the greater public expectations for a happy life and healthy mind and body, it will have special highlights this year. Which popular industries will participate in HTE 2021?  And which kinds of business opportunities are there? HTE 2021 comprises five major exhibition areas, namely, areas of Domestic Exhibition, International Exhibition, Business Exhibition, Interactive Experience, and Medical Devices and Health Exhibition and Sales. The Domestic Exhibition will involve cultural-tourism managing bodies, health-tourism businesses and industry associations from across China, who will have exchange and trade on site. The International Exhibition will see those involved in industries such as medical tourism and aesthetic medicine as well as tourist destinations and dealers from home and abroad. They will have exchangeRead More…


Splendid Costumes of Chinese Ethnic Groups

  Clothing is a key element of human life and a symbol of human civilization. As a representation of society and culture, clothing not only shows material civilization, but also symbolizes spiritual civilization. Since the day when clothes were put over the body, people have already embedded in them their lifestyle and customs, aesthetic taste, preference of colors, cultural mentality, and religious concepts. China is a big family composed of 56 ethnie groups. Their costumes, each with its own characteristics, shine across the wonderful land of China like 56 strokes of beautiful colors, drawing together a new picture of Chinese costume. The elegant Han costume, the rough Mongolian robe, the stunning Miao headgear, the delicate Yi embroidery, the gorgeous Zhuang fabric, the dazzling Kazakh hat, the multicolored Tu sleeves, the mysterious Salar hijab, the extraordinary De’ang waist band, etc. With splendid costumes of Chinese ethnic groups, this exhibition presents to visitors a magnificent pictureRead More…


My Travel Experiences in China

  Perhaps the most appealing part of traveling is that it allows you to jump out of your routine to have different life experiences and develop new perspectives on yourself and the world. Whether you are traveling alone or with families and friends, it is rewarding. What you see and hear in the journey, even the most common things, maybe somehow inspiring due to a changed state of mind. This is possibly why it is always enjoyable to record, share and savour travel stories. In this fresh and lovely midsummer, we share with you our friends’ travel experiences in China. May these warm and interesting stories bring you a good mood~ Li Xiaoyan‘s Travel Experiences in China Noah‘s Travel Experiences in China Lowe Liu‘s Travel Experiences in China My impression I have been to Beijing twice. The first time I was quite young so I don’t remember anything. I went to Beijing for the second time when I was six years old. My impression is that Beijing is particularly crowded. My grandmaRead More…


2021 China Tourism and Culture Weeks: China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Microclass – Yunnan Pottery

  Yunnan Province is located in southwestern China featuring picturesque landscape and a long history of  pottery making. A number of pottery making techniques from Yunnan are listed as national intangible cultural heritage. Jianshui purple pottery from the Red River, Nixi black pottery in Shangri-La, slow-wheel pottery of the Dai People in Xishuangbanna, Yuxi Qinghua (blue-and-white) porcelain, Jinsha pottery in the old town of Lijiang……The rich natural resources and the colorful multi-ethnic culture are well-integrated to breed splendid traditional handicrafts that have been inherited for thousands of years and have never stopped evolving. Water, fire, earth and wood – the natural elements are embraced to create arts and crafts; writing brushes, ink sticks, books – the treasures of culture are cherished to communicate with souls. Clay, as the gift of nature, reflects people’s respect and reverence for nature of all ages, becoming an embodiment of human nature and the magic of art as it is gradually taking shape in the hands of craftsmen.   ●————————————————-○ TheRead More…