Open Call: Best Season To Travel 2022

Co-sponsored by www.travelchina.org.cn and Beijing Sunny Communications Ltd. and supported by China Cultural Center in Stockholm, the open call of “Best Season to Travel” is now officially launched. This edition calls for submission of photographs, short videos, digital images and travel routes, which will be featured through “Best Season to Travel” AR, VR and immersive experiences on relevant platforms, enabling you to appreciate different visual effects of the most beautiful seasons in China. Requirement for entries, prizes and contact are listed below. Welcome to go to the following website or scan the QR code to submit your works!   Promo Video   2021 Best Season to Travel Outstanding Works Collection Facebook: China Cultural Center in Stockholm https://www.facebook.com/China-Cultural-Center-in-Stockholm-110983273921638 Instagram: chinaculturalcenterinstockholm https://www.instagram.com/chinaculturalcenterinstockholm/ Youtube: China Cultural Center in Stockholm https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYqOYwuQtyTHC-iMNdfExsw Tik Tok: cccinstockholm https://www.tiktok.com/@cccinstockholm 地址/Address: Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2, Stockholm


Open Call:China Soong Ching Ling Foundation “Junior Cultural Ambassadors”

In order to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning, tighten people-to-people bonds between different countries, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation launches the 2022 “Junior Cultural Ambassadors” Event. The event is expected to build a platform for young people all over the world to make the acquaintance of each other both online and offline, and bring out more junior cultural ambassadors who would make their own share of contribution to people-to-people exchanges. The first China Soong Ching Ling Foundation “Junior Cultural Ambassadors” Event held from June 2021 to February 2022 was concluded with great success. The event, along with other rich and colorful activities, saw enthusiastic participation of young people from 32 countries on 5 continents, which has received increasing attention and positive feedback from the public. The 2022 edition, under the theme of “Get Connected Through Art: My Favorite Chinese Arts”, encourages young people to exchange ideas and tell storiesRead More…


6·11 China Cultural & Natural Heritage Day

In 2006, China established the second Saturday of June as China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day to promote understanding of the importance of cultural heritage protection and mobilize the whole society to care and protect cultural and natural heritage. Today, we will introduce the cultural and natural heritage of Ningxia, Shanxi, Gansu and Jilin. Root and Soul: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ningxia, China Ningxia lies in the geometric center of the map of China and is home to a colorful variety of intangible cultural heritage. Now, it has one item included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, 28 items in the List of the National-level Intangible Cultural Heritage, and 224 items in the List of the Provincial-level Intangible Cultural Heritage. These intangible cultural heritage items are still inherited and carried forward on the land of Ningxia.The project vividly displays the intangible cultural heritage items and related cultural andRead More…


Hainan: All the Sun, All the Fun

June 8, 2022 marks the 14th “World Oceans Day” and the 15th “China Ocean Day”. In the hope that we will work together to protect the blue planet we rely on for our survival, “China Travel Course” makes a special recommendation for China’s beautiful tropical island, Hainan. Hainan has an abundance of natural ecological resources with 68 bays, 81 peaks of over one thousand meters, 9 national forest parks, and more than 70 natural hot springs. Since May 2018, Hainan has provided visa-free entry for citizens of 59 countries, with a maximum stay duration of 30 days. The island has 653 km of round-island high-speed rail, connecting 12 coastal cities and counties and making traveling around the island more convenient. The railway is only 300 meters from the coast at closest. Hainan is not only known for its natural scenery and ecological resources, but it is an island of culture asRead More…


zòng zi on the new: Is this the Dumplings you want in Dragon Boat Festival

Summer is coming, Chinese will usher in another important festival – Dragon Boat Festival, and the indispensable custom of this day is undoubtedly to eat zòng zǐ (a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice with or without different fillings and wrapped in bamboo, reed, or other large flat leaves). This year, China Cultural Center in Stockholm and CICE BOYI Culture & Art Company join hands with Sino-Foreign Enamel Gallery and Beijing STORY Culture & Technology Co. Ltd to hold a festival activity, Let’s Fest with Cloisonné zòng zǐ. “Cloisonné zòng zǐ” series are designed for happy and healthy blessings to the season. At the same time, a “manufacturing video of Cloisonné zòng zǐ” will be made and launched with IMusic Platform of China Telecom as video RINGT of Dragon Boat Festival this year. Hope Video Ring Tones of Cloisonné zòng zǐ spreading out the best blessings to everyone on any occassion. The fullRead More…


China-Sweden Children’s Art Exhibition

Sweden celebrates the brightest season in June. China Cultural Center in Stockholm cooperates with Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Nationality Culture Foundation, Lilla Akademien, Xingzhi Skolan and Stockholms Kinesiska Skola to jointly present “The Color of Summer · China-Sweden Children’s Art Exhibition”, which displays artworks of Swedish children and selected works of the First National Children’s Art Exhibition of China to light up the glorious summer with the color of childhood.    Opening remarks by Cui Aimin Chinese Ambassador to Sweden     Sweden   China Selected Works of the First National Children’s Art Exhibition Pre-primary Children There are many strange mushroom-shaped beings at the bottom of the sea… I drew all kinds of mushrooms in various colors… My greatest dream is to be an underwater explorer. I imagine that one day, I will be able to explore the deep sea.   Like every little girl, I have a dream castle in my heart. ThereRead More…