Design Salon at the exhibition “TING东西 – Connect and Be One”  

主题 / Theme:


The Beauty of Simplicity of the Song Dynasty

日期 / Date: 2024-03-09

日程 / Schedule:

10:30 – 11:00 参观导览 Guided tour

11:00 – 11:45 主题演讲 Keynote talk

  11:45 – 12:30 音乐、小吃和茶等娱乐活动 Entertainment with music, snacks and tea

语言 / Language:

瑞典语 / Swedish

地址 / Address: China Cultural Center in Stockholm

Västra Trägårdsgården 2, 111 53 Stockholm

主讲人 / Keynote speaker:

Sofia He – Curator Of TING, Design entrepreneur


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Curator´s words

I was invited as a guest curator by Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024, one of the world’s top design fairs. My theme is TING – Inhabiting the Earth Poetically. I try to create a healing life environment by highlighting elements such as handcraft, lighting, greening and more. I hope I could help people find the way back to the nature and their inner peace.

TING consists of three parts. One is to show the modern upgrade of ancient Chinese tenon structure. Through different connection methods and new bamboo materials, our tables, chairs, sofas, beds can be connected without any nails or adhesives but with considerable stability and flexibility, saving lots of resources and the nature. In this area I have worked for many years with engagement. I hope that more designers and brands will join us.

The second part of the exhibition is about redesign. I showed my projects in my daily life, including redesign of waste and creative reuse of old objects. It aroused huge interests of visitors. The concept of cross-border and integration also involves many other aspects such as human and environment, handicraft and technology in TING.

In the last part, I’ve invited 7 international interior brands that share common value with TING. Those beautiful products complement and integrate in the exhibition perfectly.

I’ve worked in Sweden for 20 years, and I always try to combine Nordic design with Chinese elements. “TING 东西 – Connect and Be One” is a new curating concept of space and also my living ideal. When many people told me that TING was the most beautiful and creative exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024, I feel so happy!

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