PUDONG TODAY – Pudong Art Work Exhibition;
In Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 29th Anniversary of Development and Opening-up of Pudong,  Shanghai.


This collection of 37 paintings was brought from Pudong Shanghai, China located on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean across the vast ocean to Stockholm, Sweden on the shore of the Baltic Sea. As a window to the modern Pudong and today’s China, this collection, presents a fusion of Chinese and Western forms of art, including oil paintings and water color paintings originated respectively from the West and Chinese traditional ink paintings and realistic paintings, and offers a blend of pictures of Pudong by invited painters from across China and ink paintings by local artists.

The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 29th anniversary of Pudong development and opening up. As China develops rapidly, the pictures of life and motifs of art also change accordingly. The root of art is in an artist’s soul and life, and is born in the feeling of the moment. This collection, from Pudong and about Pudong, is by nature an integral part of a panoramic sketch of the public and life of our age, expressing the ever-changing looks of Pudong and the spirit of vitality and promise.
Hereby we’d like to quote from Tranströmer, a great Swedish poet, as “each man is a half-open door, leading to a room for everyone” (Var människa en halvöppen dörr / som leder till ett rum för alla. Den halvfärdiga himlen, 1962), in the hope that this collection will become “a half-open door” (en halvöppen dörr), leading our Swedish visitors to “a room for everyone” (ett rum för alla) where arts are shared, spirits are appreciated, and dialogues are free of time and space limit. The utmost and generous support from China Cultural Center in Stockholm is highly appreciated, whose efforts make this cultural exchange and photo exhibition a reality.

Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Government

Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Government
China Cultural Center in Stockholm

Publicity Department of Shanghai Pudong New Area Committee of the Communist Party of China
Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Government
Shanghai Pudong Federation of Literary and Art Communities
Shanghai Artists Association
Arts and Cultural Services, Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Government
Shanghai Pudong Artists Association

Shanghai Art-Designing Co., LTD.
Shanghai Oriental Huiwen International Cultural Service Trading Co., LTD.

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