Ancient Chinese Shadow Play Brings Joy to Stockholm


 On 5 June, a group of special Swedish friends came to the China Cultural Center in Stockholm, where the Ma-style Shadow Play from China’s Anhui Province is already awaiting.

The venue of the shadow play was once the castle of Queen Cristina of Sweden in the 17th century. The dome structure is exquisite, lovely, and artistic. When sunlight shone through the window of the dome and blended with the soft pink light within, it gave the venue a dream-like atmosphere.

The Anhui Ma-style Shadow Play required only a simple traditional style stage commonly seen in the Chinese countryside. Under the reflection of sunlight and stage lighting, two exquisitely and skillfully crafted Chinese Long, or dragon, appeared on the curtain playing with each other to the cheerful music, making the audience feel like being in a warm and joyful Oriental paradise. All smiles, the Swedish friends moved and danced happily with the Chinese Long. The ancient Chinese Shadow Play seemed to have shone into their hearts.

The third and fifth generation of the Ma-style Shadow Play artists, Ma Fei and Ma Moxuan, performed wonderful programs for the Swedish friends. The humorous Shadow Play, which is a combination of flexible movements, speaking and singing, made the audience laugh heartily from time to time.

After the performance, these Swedish friends couldn’t help but go to the back stage to explore the mystery. The 13-year-old little artist Ma Moxuan explained and demonstrated the play to them, and the Swedish friends were excited to learn. For a while, they seemed to be completely absorbed in the world of Shadow Play.

Time passed by quickly, but they didn’t want to leave. They hugged Ma Fei and Ma Mouxuan and took a group photo before saying goodbye, hoping to see each other again and to spend their birthdays with friends at the China Cultural Center in Stockholm.

This special group of people are some Swedish friends with autism. They are here at the invitation of the China Cultural Center in Stockholm to watch Chinese Shadow Play performance. For a moment, Chinese Long and ancient Chinese art bring warmth and happiness to them. Ma Moxuan also looks forward to seeing them again next time.


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