The variety show The Oriental Beauty in Blossom is performed  by artists from the China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe. Centered on the theme of “moon”, the stage recreates classical Chinese architecture and a mesmerizing festive atmosphere. Audiences are able to connect with the heartwarming emotions and receive the good wishes transcending time and space.







  • DanceBlossoming Jasmine 

Scenarists: Zhou Liya and Liu Cui

Performers: Wang Haitian, Yu Yang, Yuan Jiaying, and Lu Shiyao et al.

In the rhythm with the strong style of the Riverside towns in South China, it shows Chinese symbols with flexible exquisiteness. They are so charming and comes with lightness。


  • DanceThe Rats Fight and Frolic

Scenarist: Chen Rui

Performers: Zhao Xinglong, Zhang Junhe, He Zhongda, Ding Taicong and Xiao Jinyu


Five rats compete with each other, making fun with different forms. They perform different phenomena in the world and forget the past with smiles.


  • Instrumental music performance The Sing of the Sun and Moon by Guzheng 

Composer: Deng Yiqun

Orchestrator: Qu Dawei

Guzheng: Zhao Jienan

Piano: Qu Dawei

Percussion music: Chen Wei


The track shows tenderness of determined people in the Chinese classical culture through the powerful performance of folk music.


  • Opera dance Elegance of Peking Opera 


Scenarists: Liu Cui, Li Dongzi and Teng Yu

The male Dan: Sun Gen

Martial role: Wen Chang

Performers: Gong Ying, Cheng Xiaoyuan, Han Xu, and Wang Zichen et al.


The woman’s character(a male in female disguise) in traditional opera is elegant, luxury, dignified, and graceful. It is as luxuriant as stamens of peonies and it is as magnificent as rainbow-colored and feathered costumes!




  • Dance:The Rabbit Invites the Moon


Scenarist: Liu Cui

Performers: Wang Jing, Sun Peng, Wang Zupeng, and He Zhongda

The rabbits invite the moon with the light shadow and lingering below the moon. The flower and the leaf decorate the hall in spring, we shall accompany each other through this life.



  • Magic: Be Extremely Delighted

Scenarist: Qu Lei

Performers: Qu Lei and Cui Rongwei

In the skillful changes, the costumes with the Chinese style, colors and affections of the Mid-Autumn Festival link together to create a beautiful scene of family reunion under the full moon.


  • Dance:The Rooster Reincarnates

Scenarist: Liu Cui

Performer: Meng Qingyang


The rooster stands proudly with the magical charm! It crows to arouse brilliance of the orient! It guides the arrival of auspicious sign and makes the world feel amazing!


Moon lifting


  • Dance Raising the Wine Cup and Ask the Blue Sky 

Scenarist: He Lishan

Performers: Sun Gen, Zhang Han, Arman and Wang Xiaoxuan et al.

It comes from the Prelude to Water Melody of Su Shi, a ci poet in the Song Dynasty. With the classical dance of Chinese ink painting elements, it transfers the affection of inviting the moon with drinks.


  • SongThe Moon & Birds in Haziness

Lyricist: Qiong Yao

Composer: Gu Yue

Performer: Xu Jingjing


The moon & birds in haziness

Glowworms lighten the night sky.

The mountains & birds in haziness

Autumn insects are whispering.

Flowers & night in haziness

Night breeze knocks at the curtain.

Lamps & people in haziness

It hopes to fall asleep together.


  • Dance National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance 


Scenarist: Liu Cui

Performers: Meng Qingyang, Guan Jie, Shan Yu, Yan Fengyu and Wang Yiting et al.


The program restores the image of the maidens in the Portrait of a Flower-wearing Maid in a panoramic way,revealing the magnificent and luxury scenery of the flourishing Tang Dynasty.


  • String music sextet Elixir of Love

Performer:  China National Symphony Orchestra

The cheerful and light rhythm shows the happy scene of light dance in flowers below the moon, expressing the best wish of successfulness of the mortal world.



Full moon


  • Percussion music and danceThe Horses Gallop in the Clouds


Scenarist: Shen Chen

Performers: Zeng Ming, Chen Rui, Sun Gen, Yang Yipeng, Cui Rongwei, Xiao Jinyu, Ding Taicong, and Pang Guanyu et al.


The sun rises in the east and the horses gallop! Heads held high and hooves beating against the ground, they cross the mountains, as if chasing the wind, the sun and the clouds!

Presented by: China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co.,Ltd

Performer: China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe

Producer: Jing Xiaoyong

Senior producer: Gao Ai

Supervisors: Shi Ziwen, Chen Xinhua, Liu Peng and He Lishan

Directors: Liu Cui and Liu Xin

Copywriter: Xun Junrui

Translator(English): Wang Chengze

Camera crew and post-production: Film & TV Group of Stage Art Center in China Oriental Performing Arts Group

Site: Dongyuan Theatrical Stage

Acknowledgement: Longze Wuzhou International Cultural Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


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