October 23, or the seventh of the ninth month of Chinese lunar calendar, is the 18th solar term and the last in autumn this year. Most regions in China enter chill late autumn around Shuangjiang (First Frost).


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Eating persimmon


It is believed that eating persimmon during Shuangjiang can keep the body warm and strength muscles and bones. Drying fresh persimmon into persimmon cake is a classic procedure to make the nutritious traditional Chinese snack.


Chrysanthemum Festival at Yuhuagong Scenic Resort, Tongchuan


 Ascending hills to enjoy autumn scenery


The ninth of the ninth month of Chinese lunar calendar (October 25, 2020) is a significant traditional Chinese festival – Double Ninth Festival. The number nine is the highest single-digit odd number (yang number). People ascend mountains and hills to admire chrysanthemums and beautiful autumn scenery, wearing dogwood to ward off evil spirits. Traditionally, it marks an important occasion to worship gods and ancestors. Today, the festival is enriched with new cultural aspects – to respect, love and assist the elderly.


Shaanxi province


After a taste of Shaanxi’s delicious persimmon cake, it is high time to virtually visit the amazing autumn sceneries of Shaanxi province!


Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park, Weinan / Photo Fan Hongjiang


Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Baoji


Feiduxia Sceneic Area, Ankang


Dawn at Tongtian River National Forest Park, Baoji


Guanshan Grassland, Baoji / Photo Chen Yuqing


Nangongshan National Forest Park / Photo Lin Jiang


Liping Forest Park, Hanzhong / Photo Liu Jinxing


Red River Valley Forest Park, Baoji


Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park, Weinan / Photo Mi Jiangang


Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River, Yan’an


Luyang Lake, Weinan






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