2021 Happy Chinese New Year Online Celebration

China-Sweden Happy Chinese New Year Gala

2020 is a traumatic year with the pandemic causing havoc across the globe. The rising numbers of infection have inflicted pain and panic. When normal life and work is on hold, we can only wish that the disaster will be over soon. Fortunately, the closing of museums, art galleries, theatres and other cultural places, as well as travel restrictions, have not ended people’s cultural life. Online platforms have brought colorful and dazzling experiences; cultural and art events have been helpful to ease the pain. February 12, 2021 is the beginning of a Chinese new year with new hope – the Year of the Ox. To celebrate the New Year with Chinese and Swedish friends, China Cultural Center in Stockholm will host a series of “Happy Chinese New Year” online activities with Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism from February 4 to 26, presenting a variety of exhibitions, performances and interactive experiences rich in artistic aesthetics, cultural significance and audio-visual enjoyment. It is an everlasting joint celebration where the melody of spring is played and the ties of friendship are strengthened!


From children’s song to Peking Opera, from Guqin to dance, Chinese and Swedish people are ready to dazzle you with their talents and jointly celebrate Chinese New Year.

Bullish – A Taste of Chinese New Year by Foreign Friends


Culinary masters, teachers and students from China and abroad will present traditional food of Spring Festival and learn to cook Chinese hot/cold dishes and pastries, so that a platform for food culture exchange can be created for more international friends to experience the meaning and charm of Chinese food culture.

Chinese New Year: Culture and Design


A systematic cultural ritual has been constructed around Chinese New Year. As part of Chinese festival culture system, Chinese New Year Culture reflects the modules, patterns and structures of Chinese culture through its conception, practice, symbol, etc. This exhibition analyzes the symbolic meaning behind practice, procedures, colors and symbols through interpretation of concepts and visual display of traditional Chinese New Year culture. It displays designs creatively transforming and innovatively developing the existing traditional folk culture on Chinese New Year with the adoption of contemporary art, demonstrating a Chinese New Year culture coined with contemporary value, cultural characteristics and reinvention flexibility.

Customs · Technique · Culture – Elements of Chinese New Year


Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and national first-class actors are invited to introduce Chinese New Year customs, including topics of woodblock painting, colored lantern, rice sculpture in family reunion dinner, Wu Opera and its face masks and Chinese characters in Spring Festival couplets.


Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera: The Prince of Lanling《兰陵王》
and The Real vs. The Fake Monkey King《真假美猴王》



The Kunqu Opera performance The Real vs. The Fake Monkey King is adapted from a popular story in Journey to the West, one of China’s Four Great Classic Novels. The Peking Opera show Prince of Lanling tells the tragic and magnificent legend of the kingdom in the Northern Qi dynasty. In a stage space with simple tone and powerful artistic composition, an expressive, impactful and dramatic show is on to give you a fresh experience.


Meanwhile, a series of online events, including Celebration on Ice Art Gala, Chords of the New Year – Spring Festival Symphonic Concert and Chinese Zodiac Design Exhibition etc. will also be released online during Chinese New Year celebration. Everyone is invited!


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