Four Seasons in Zhejiang


Located in the southeastern coastal area of China, Zhejiang is a dazzling pearl strewn in the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta and neighbors Shanghai – China’s number one mega-city. Zhejiang is bestowed with a sprawling sea area (including 101.8 thousand square kilometers of land area and 260 thousand square kilometers of sea area), and is one of the country’s most densely-populated provinces (with 58.50 million permanent inhabitants) . It has long been reputed for its opulence and is dubbed “a land of fish and rice, silk and cultural treasures”. It is also one of China’s most splendid tourist destinations.


Every living creature on earth each have their own law of thriving and withering and an invisible hand named Time, has painted on the great canvas of Zhejiang the magnificent beauty of the four seasons.


The four seasons are more than great pieces stuck by the nature, but also the best journal for the travellers. Where you go matters, when you go also matters. Twelve months, four seasons, when and where in Zhejiang should we visit? We should visit the most beautiful places at its most beautiful time, see the right scenery at the right time. Every season, every month, time points us to the most gorgeous scenery among the ancient civilization and the natural beauty, bringing us the most fantastic tales. It could be the sound of firecrackers from an old town during Chinese New Year in January; or the intermittent misty rain in the West Lake in March, putting a veil to the moving legends; it can also be the blooming fairyland in May; or the island and rough sea in July…


Zhejiang stepped out from the picture painted by Time, and walked through the four seasons, finally revealing herself to you.


◎Spring Blossom by Blossom, the Spring Begins


The sun shines upon the earth, new leaves and branches growing, spring can be seen anywhere and everywhere. This time of the West Lake, drizzle moistening the earth, willow looks like mist from afar, the tenderness and poetic grace gleaming in light waves. In the inexhaustible green of the Xinchang Tea Garden, humanity and scenic beauty blends into a cup of tea and becomes the most anticipated attraction of the year; clouds in the first rays of morning sun and water flowing down the terrace, looking like a crystal clear mirror reflecting the blue sky and on the earth. In the farmland, the crops farmers grow form a fascinating view, hoping for the most beautiful harvest ever.

杭州 建德下涯 Xiaya,Jiande,Hangzhou

台州 仙居横溪郑桥水库 Zhengqiao Reservoir,Hengxi,Xianju,Taizhou

丽水 云和梯田 Yunhe Terrace Scenic Spot,Lishui


Summer  Green Trees, Thick Shade and Long Days


Downpour, burning sun, crash of thunder and prolonged daytime, Summer officially starts. Jiaxing City in the early summer, weather is not hot yet and the fragrant of dumpling has already spread across the city. Going to the seaside is the best way to escape from the summer heat. In July, hear the waves splashing against reef of Dongtou island and watch the gulls fly across the sky. Summer is also the time when all creatures are at their prime time, walk into the seas of bamboos in Anji County and hide away from the burning sun.

嘉兴粽子 Jiaxing Zongzi

湖州安吉 Anji,Huzhou

绍兴 天姥山风景区 Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area, Shaoxing


Autumn Glamour in the Autumn


After the Autumn rain, mornings and nights become chilly. People are yet to recover from the ruthless heat in summer, but weather has already turned cool. Go visit Xitang Town during early autumn and watch the lives of local people from the Misty Rain Corridors at in peace; go hiking at Shenxianju and you will see the full picture of autumn; visit Nanxi River in late autumn, when everywhere else decays and becomes quiet, it remains flourishing.

嘉兴 西塘古镇 Xitang Ancient Town,Jiaxing

杭州 临安天目山 Tianmu Mountain, Linan,Hangzhou

温州 楠溪江 Nanxi River, Wenzhou


 Winter   Wind in the Winter


The thrilling cold weather of winter in Zhejiang Province seems penetrate any thick clothes, but fortunately, people have their ways to get warm. In Shaoxing, you can have a cup of warm yellow wine; In Ninghai, you can enjoy the hot springs hidden in the deep woods; In Chaoshan Mountain, Yuhang City, despite of the withering, you can see the plum blossom with the slight but fascinating fragrance.

绍兴 安昌 Anchang,Shaoxing.

杭州 马啸太子尖 Taizijian,Maxiao,Hangzhou

杭州 建德 Jiande,Hangzhou


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