The twelve Chinese zodiac visual symbols belong to the auspicious symbols in ancient Chinese tradition. They are an important part of traditional Chinese auspicious patterns. The ox, which ranks second in the Chinese zodiac, is an important auspicious animal god and a folk protector. As we celebrate the Chinese New Year, we get inspiration from the image of “the Ox” in traditional Chinese culture to characterize and reinterpret the story of the Ox.


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The Spring Ox strolling behind the swirl of flowers symbolizes the renewal of everything in spring. Gourd, paper fan, magpie and other traditional Chinese artistic elements reflect people’s wishes for good fortune and luck.






Follow the oil-paper umbrellas in the poems of Chinese modern poet Dai Wangshu to watertowns south of the Yangtze River where egrets are concealed by scented lotuses and koi fish are swimming around the reflection of the island. Under auspicious clouds, Flood Protection Buffalo is resting in the lake with the egret that symbolizes longevity to bring us peace and prosperity.





Ripe fruits all over the trees tempt you to pick while sweet-scented osmanthus flowers give off a refreshing fragrance. A hardworking ox standing in the middle of a gold wheat field constitutes a fine image of harvest.




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