March 20, 2021 (the eighth of the second lunar month) marks the fourth solar term – Chunfen (Spring Equinox) when the length of day and night is equally divided. Temperature rises the fastest from Chunfen to the next solar term Qingming (Clear and Bright). Green grass, colorful blossom, flying birds and growing wheat become a common view in most areas of China.


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Since the Zhou dynasty, China has had the custom of offering sacrifices to the Sun on Chunfen. Records of the Qing dynasty show that “offering sacrifices to the Sun on Chunfen (Spring Equinox) and to the Moon on Qiufen (Autumn Equinox) are grand national ceremonies.” Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties held the rituals on Chunfen at the Temple of the Sun in Beijing


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It is a major occasion to offer sacrifices to the God of Land and wish for a good harvest around Chunfen. People in many areas in southern China put on performances to demonstrate their gratitude to the gods, known as shexi (village opera). It is also a period of time for the Hakka people to visit their ancestors’ tombs and pay respects.


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Besides the egg-standing games people also play on Qiufen (Autumn Equinox), spring outing, having spring vegetables and soup and flying kites are some of the typical Chunfen activities beneficial to physical and mental health.


Flying kites


Chunfen marks the equal division of day and night and lush springtime, making it the perfect time to gather herbs. In Anren county, Chenzhou, Hunan province, people preserve the custom of holding Ganfenshe Festival and having medicinal food to channel the energy given by the nature and herbs.


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Apart from applying herbal medicine, regulating body functions in accordance with the nature of food is also an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, namely, dietary therapy. Under the guidance of TCM theory, different foods can not only provide various nutrients for human body, but also meet different health needs according to the physical condition. It is a health preservation method that people can practice on a daily basis. Today, we’d like to share with you some tips on TCM dietary therapy.


Medicine by mocktail: Reimagining herbal drinks into fruity mocktails


Healthy desserts exist: It turns out that sweet and healthy desserts can be derived when Cantonese people look towards Traditional Chinese Medicine as a guide to eating


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