Chinese Medical Culture Microclass



Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is profoundly and extensively rooted in Chinese culture. As an important part of TCM, acupoint massage is easy to practice and conducive to health preservation.  “Chinese Medical Culture Microclass” outlines the basic concepts of TCM and introduces acupoint massage techniques to cope with five common physical problems in modern life, including sleep problems, shoulder and neck pain, fatigue, soreness after exercise and eye fatigue, through a series of simple and practical short videos.








Massage and Health Ep1

Acupuncture Technique: Improving Sleep





Massage and Health Ep2

Acupuncture Technique: Protecting Shoulder and Neck





Massage and Health Ep3

Acupuncture Technique: Helping Exercise





Massage and Health Ep4

Acupuncture Technique: Reducing Fatigue





Massage and Health Ep5

Acupuncture Technique: Cherishing Eyes





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