China Cultural Center in Stockholm will take you on a “culture+ tourism” virtual tour in Sichuan and Xinjiang to experience the unique charm of China’s regional culture and tourism.

A Panda Home Tour in Sichuan

A Panda Home Tour in Sichuan

Experience the Life of Tour Guide PANDA


Sichuan Province, located in China’s hinterland, possesses rich natural, biological and cultural landscapes. Sichuan has the largest and the most comprehensive panda habitat in the world, encompassing areas including Chengdu, Ngawa and Ya’an. More than 75% of the world’s wild Giant Pandas live here, one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world. The beautiful natural landscapes cultivated the Sanxingdui and Jinsha Civilization, which are of the same period as the Maya Civilization.

 Autumn in Jiuzhaigou Valley /  Yu Lin

From there, the Bronze Civilization and goldsmith art were unearthed at an unparalleled scale, and is hailed as “one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the twentieth century”. “Fast paced work”, “comfortable, unhurried life” are harmoniously integrated in the great land of Bashu (Sichuan). Drinking tea, enjoying some spicy hot pot, sitting around for some chit-chat, and visiting farmhouses are symbols of the life of a Sichuanese.

Bronze Head with Gold Mask /  Li Zhan

On the eve of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Giant Pandas serving as messengers between China and the world, extend blessings of health, peace, unity and comfort (An Yi) to everyone in the world.

 Autumn in Wolong Panda Center / Chen

The Origin of Giant Panda/ Xianmin

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Xinjiang Is A Nice Place: A VR Tour


This VR tour is composed of five experience content sections: Dance in Xinjiang, Travel in Xinjiang, Food in Xinjiang, Instruments in Xinjiang and Love in Xinjiang, focusing on the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival through virtual reality technology, integrating elements of Xinjiang’s culture, art, history, and humanities to take a panoramic view of the natural landscape, experience the local Mid-Autumn Festival cuisine, and share a harmonious and friendly reunion atmosphere.


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