Art Appreciation Microclass – Mid-Autumn Festival in Traditional Chinese Paintings

Chinese painting, also known as national painting, is a traditional painting form in China. Chinese painting focuses on lines and ink and boasts highly detailed brushstrokes in pursuit of the artistic effect of meticulous brushstrokes and brilliant use of ink. In terms of color, black ink is mainly used, while the application of color highlights suitability to the content. At the same time, the artistic conception is an important part of Chinese painting, in pursuit of mood and imagery, spiritual resonance and vitality in both form and substance. Since ancient times, there has been a proliferation of Chinese paintings featuring the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival. These outstanding artistic paintings depict wonderful scenes of Mid-Autumn reunions, raising a toast under the full moon, and enjoying the beautiful evening together with loved ones. It expresses people’s reminiscences of their hometown, and their great expectations and hope for a good harvest. Today, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become one of the most important traditional festivals in China. While enjoying the full moon and the surrounding blooms, having the chance to appreciate the famous artistic works of well-known ancient people will deepen the cultural ambience of the festival. Traditional Chinese paintings with Mid-Autumn Festival as its key theme shall, with its masterful painting techniques and performance, become widespread and popularized, timeless and enduring.

General Introduction

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A Cup In Hand Under the Moon

Watching the Tide On A Moonlit Night

Chang’e Holding A Laurel

Light Stroll Under the Mellow Moon Painting Catalogue

The 8th page: Moon Watching on the Terrace

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