Ring out the old with happy laughter, ring in the new with twinkling lights. During the Chinese New Year holiday, people are celebrating the beginning of a new year with various activities in an air of festivity. Sugar painting and sugar figure blowing in temple fairs, dazzling decorations and red lanterns along the streets……all of which are catching the attention of kids and remain as indelible memories of their childhood. Now some of the traditional Chinese new year celebrations also gain popularity around the globe. While some are taken with surprise and curiosity, some bring about warmth and happiness.

The Chinese New year not only warms people’s heart in the cold winter, but also enlightens the children’s lives with much fun.

 “Festivity” Shot by Chen Yueming

As the Chinese New Year approaches, children are having various celebrations for the new year, such as hanging lanterns. Their cute faces are radiant with joy.

“Sugar Figure” Shot by He Jun

In the temple fair, children are excitedly waiting to taste the traditional sugar figure.

 “New Year Red” Shot by Gao Song

During the Chinese New Year, the village market is permeated with festivity. A little girl in red dress is carefully selecting her favorite new-year decorations.

“New-Year Decorations” Shot by Yu Yuesheng

With Chinese New Year round the corner, people are putting on a myriad of new-year decorations, among which the large red lantern with the character of fu (or happiness) is the most iconic.

“Tasting Sugar Painting” Shot by Li Wenbao

In Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, a child is tasting the sugar painting in the temple fair themed with folk culture on Hunan Road.

“Red Lanterns” Shot by Tong Weiyuan

Temple fairs are a common way for Chinese people to celebrate festivals, especially for the Spring Festival. The numerous red lanterns add to the festivity of the temple fair.

“Sugar Figure Blowing” Shot by Gu Long

With the help of the master, the boy derives much fun from blowing sugar figure by himself.

“Appreciating the Festive Lanterns” Shot by Feng Changrong

The festive lanterns in the Great Tang All Day Mall in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, attract a flock of visitors. Children wearing decorative hats are bewildered by the variety of lanterns.

 “New Year in Weishan Lake” Shot by Han Cuizhi

In Weishan Lake, Shandong Province, grandfathers and grandchildren who returned from the New Year’s Fair walked past the lake carrying red lanterns. The fiery red reflected in water suggests their inner joy.

 “New Year amid COVID-19 Pandemic” Shot by Chen Xin

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor activities are restricted. People prefer to celebrate the festival at home. They paste paper-cuttings on windows, watch videos, and spend the holiday at their cozy home.

“New Year Fireworks” Shot by Song Yiyong

A family celebrates the Spring Festival with fireworks in Yanggu County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province.

“Making Dumplings Together” Shot by Chen Gang

During the Spring Festival, the whole family gather together to make dumplings in a warm and joyous atmosphere.

 “Writing Couplets for Tulou” Shot by Chen Jun

Two children living in the Tulou wrote Spring Festival couplets with brushes to learn about the Hakka couplet culture in a festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival in their hometown.

“Extending Blessings” Shot by Zeng Xuexian

The Cultural Station of Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province organized calligraphy lovers to write Spring Festival couplets and send blessing characters to the citizens.

“Writing Couplets” Shot by Chen Chaomei

As the Spring Festival approaches, primary school students write their best wishes in Spring Festival couplets.

“Buma Dance” Shot by Chen Chuan

In Raoping County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, Buma Dance is a unique folk dance to celebrate festivals. The spinning and jumping cloth-horses embody people’s pursuit of a happy life and the hope of success.

“Tasting the Chinese New Year” Shot by Liu Qinghui

The 3rd cultural festival of “Beautiful China·& Happy Spring Festival 2019 ” was held in Budapest Millennium Park, Hungary. At the event, a Hungarian child drew a cute little pig.

 “What’s Your Name?” Shot by Yan Zhenquan

Children in Courbevois, France, took a group photo with the pulling lion to celebrate the Spring Festival.

During the 2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” online celebration, Chinese and Swedish friends express their best wishes and expectations for the new year through singing and performance.

《万疆》Eternal Land 赵欣慧 & 周益名 Xinhui Zhao & Yiming Zhou

《恭喜恭喜》Congratulations 樊晨曦 Chenxi Fan

《茉莉花》 Jasmine Flower 陈雨桐 Yutong Chen

《春天在说话》 Spring is Talking 张雨然 Yuran Zhang

《山海经之精卫填海》 The Bird Jingwei Trying to Fill up the Sea 木兰剧团 Mulan Theater

《大鱼》 Big Fish 周宇玮 Yuwei Zhou

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