Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) embodies a comprehensive set of ancient Chinese philosophy, health preserving theories and practical experiences and is itself a huge contribution of Chinese people to the world. The traditional ideology of TCM, its health preserving methods and recipes have been playing an important part in daily life of ordinary Chinese and gradually evolving into a series of conventions and life protocols which have influenced the dietary form, dressing code, living and commuting habits of Chinese people. As we celebrate the Spring Festival, this episode of health mini-course will usher in a series of health preserving short videos. Through a number of rudimentary health preserving and body function adjustment tricks, simple cooking techniques, everybody can grasp the concept that health preserving under the guidance of TCM principle is closely related to our daily life. Also we’d like to take this occasion to send out our best wishes to all audiences for the Spring Festival celebration.

Traditional Qigong with Health Pressing Benefits Six-Word Secret

How to Improve Insomnia Syndrome – Cat Stretching Type

Tricks to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain of Phubbers Neck Exercise

Fem-Animal Exercise

The Mugwort Leaves Tea with Red Dates & Eggs

Yam and Barley Porridge

Red Cabbages and Chinese Yam

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