The excellence of Winter Olympics is manifested in Beijing and Zhangjiakou while the charm of winter tourism is to be experienced in the province of Heilongjiang. In winter, Heilongjiang boasts vast expanse of ice and swirling snowflakes.

This time, China Cultural Center in Stockholm will show you a collection of videos and pictures which highlight ice-and-snow-related magnificent scenery, gorgeous art, abundant entertainment activities and unique folk customs in Heilongjiang. You are cordially invited to China’s northernmost province for a passionate and romantic appointment on ice and snow.


Route 1: Ice City Harbin 

The Central Street of Harbin

Harbin Ice and Snow World (Photo by Liang Heng)

Harbin Sun Island Snow Sculpture Expo

Volga Manor


Harbin Polar Park


Route 2: The Snowy Wonderland – Harbin – Yabuli – Snow Town – Jingpo Lake

The Yabuli Skiing & Tourism Resort

The Yaxue Highway – An Ice and Snow Gallery

Siberian Tiger Park

The Icy Waterfall at a Scenic Area of the Jingpo Lake


China’s Snow Town


Route 3: Red-crowned Cranes Dancing on the Snow Field – Harbin – Daqing – Dorbod – Qiqihar

Winter Fishing at Lianhuan Lake, Daqing

The Zhalong Nature Reserve


Route 4: Icy and Snowy Forest – Harbin – Tieli – Yichun – Wudalianchi – Heihe

The Wuying National Forest Park

A Scenic Area at Wudalianchi Lake

Kurbin Rime

A Jade-color Hot Spring in Taoshan, Yichun


Route 5: “The North Pole of China” – Harbin – Mohe – Arctic Village – Longjiang Bay

Beiji (North Pole) Village, China’s Arctic Village in Mohe

A Frozen Lake with Ice Bubbles in the Scenic Area of Guanyin Mountain, Mohe

Immediate Water Freezing in the Greater Xing’an Mountains


Route 5: Winter in “the East Pole of China” – Harbin – Jiamusi – Tongjiang – Fuyuan

Jiamusi Fuyuan Dongji (East Pole) Pavilion

Fuyuan Dongji (East Pole) Plaza

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