Sweden celebrates the brightest season in June. China Cultural Center in Stockholm cooperates with Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Nationality Culture Foundation, Lilla Akademien, Xingzhi Skolan and Stockholms Kinesiska Skola to jointly present “The Color of Summer · China-Sweden Children’s Art Exhibition”, which displays artworks of Swedish children and selected works of the First National Children’s Art Exhibition of China to light up the glorious summer with the color of childhood.
Opening remarks by Cui Aimin Chinese Ambassador to Sweden




《樱桃树》Cherry Tree/ Linnea Liolios/Grade 3

《樱桃树》Cherry Tree/Anatoli Praxitelous/Grade 3

《夕阳下的猫》Cat with Sunset/Olga Björkman Selhag/Grade 3

《狐狸》Fox/Emelie Colleti Cristea/Grade 3

《童年回忆》Childhood Memories/Maya Broman Crawford- Philips/Grade 9

《竞速游戏》Racing Game/Leonard Soloviev/Grade 9

《夏日枇杷》Summer Loquat/Youchang Li/7 y/o

《一碗樱桃》A Bowl of Cherries/Yina Chen/8 y/o

Calligraphy Work ,A Journey of A Thousand Miles/Ying Zhou/10 y/o

《火龙果》Dragon Fruit/Lele Yang/6 y/o

《夏日西瓜》Summer Watermelon/Anna/11 y/o

《仙人掌跳舞》Dancing Cactus/Yuchen Lu/10 y/o

《清凉西瓜》Refreshing Watermelon/Guangying Chang/7 y/o

Calligraphy Work,Advance A Thousand Miles A Day/Andy/7 y/o

《柿柿如意》Persimmon Symbolizing Good Fortune/Ruihong Zhao/7 y/o

《草莓》Strawberry/Zhiyi Chen/10 y/o

《2022北京冬奥会》Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics/Kelly C/14 y/o

《蓝莓》Blueberry/Tiffany/13 y/o

《静物》Still Life/Vincent/11 y/o

《翠鸟》Kingfisher/Xi Yang/11 y/o

《上海加油!》Shanghai, Jiayou!/Miya Xu/9 y/o

《鹦鹉》Parrot/Yuxin Zou/13 y/o

《扬帆起航》Sailing to the Sea/Zhongqi Zhang/12 y/o

《月夜星空下的家》Home Under the Moon and Stars/Yulin Zhu/6 y/o

《好朋友》Good Friend/Zilin Huang/8 y/o

《玉兔一家人》The Family of the Jade Rabbit on the Moon/Jingqi Zhu/11 y/o

《妈妈的花》Mom’s Flower/Yi Sa/7 y/o

《夏日印象》Summer Impression/Siyuan Liu/11 y/o

《霜叶红于二月花》Frost-bitten Leaves Look Redder Than Early Spring Flowers/Jiaying Liu/6 y/o

《南京明城墙》Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty/Moxiang Dai/12 y/o

《参观斯德哥尔摩玩具博物馆》Visit the Stockholm Toy Museum/Mengyang Wang/6 y/o

《我向往的未来水下世界》The Future Underwater World I Long For/Aidi Yang/5 y/o

《自由鸟》Free Bird/Emily/10 y/o

《行知西游云课堂》Xingzhi Journey to the West Online Class/Yichen Liu/12 y/o

《未来世界》Future World/Philip/7 y/o


China Selected Works of the First National Children’s Art Exhibition

Pre-primary Children

《去深海探险》 Deep Sea Adventure/夏紫嫣 Ziyan Xia

There are many strange mushroom-shaped beings at the bottom of the sea… I drew all kinds of mushrooms in various colors… My greatest dream is to be an underwater explorer. I imagine that one day, I will be able to explore the deep sea.

《我的梦幻城堡》 My Dream Castle/王梓瑜 Ziyu Wang

Like every little girl, I have a dream castle in my heart. There are pink clouds like cotton candies, flowers blooming all year round, balloons to greet the princess, dancing kittens, the moon and stars to accompany me and play hide and seek with me, maybe a little fairy who sings for me, or a cute unicorn to carry me to soar in the sky. That is my dream castle.

《海洋之歌》 The Song of the Sea/张育玮 Yuwei Zhang

After watching the movie Song of the Sea, I wanted to draw a picture. I imagined the underwater world with stars and moon. Starfish, octopus, smurfs… all have their own homes, and I have designed many beautiful houses for them to live in. Dolphins turn bubbles into musical notes and sing about the magical underwater world! Protecting and living in harmony with animals and the nature are the most important things we should do. Only in this way can ecological balance be achieved.

《寻宝 》Treasure Hunt/郑涵文 Hanwen Zheng

I really want to become a small fish and settle here, always having corals and fish as my friends and swimming freely in the underwater world.

《斑斓的房子》 Colorful Houses/朱子萱 Zixuan Zhu

In China, I have a happy home, I hope I can live in a beautiful castle like Princess Elsa. My castle is colorful and very beautiful.

《太空遨游狂想曲》 Rhapsody in Space/程思菡 Sihan Cheng

In the near future, Chinese children will be able to travel to outer space with friends in our own rockets or spaceships, making good friends with the children from other planets in the universe, singing and dancing together… It’s so happy!

《仙鹤》 Crane/藏泽嘉 Zejia Zang

Cranes represent good luck, happiness and longevity in China. I painted cranes to symbolize auspiciousness and perpetuation for my motherland! I ripped white tissue paper into pieces and stuck it on the crane’s wings as feathers. I also drew a baby crane playing next to its mother. The background is made of various shades of blue painted with small brushes.
小学组 Primary School Students

《植物迷宫》Plant Labyrinth/马新雅 Xinya Ma

When I was a child, I especially liked to play labyrinth. If there is a plant labyrinth, I’d love to have a look at the stems, the leaves, and the hearts of flowers, to see if there are labyrinths hidden there? And I’m going to take my friends and go through these mazes to see if they will get lost. I’m sure I won’t. It must be fun!

《我和我的祖国》Me and My Motherland/温邲幻 Bihuan Wen

Only when I went to Tiananmen Square did I feel a magnificent history of mountains and rivers. The Great Wall could resist foreign invaders and protect us. The China Railway High-speed brought convenience to people’s lives. I went to Xi’an during the winter vacation and discovered the magic of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. So I incorporated the eighth wonder of the world into the painting. The rocket was launched, while I held the Chinese flag at the Great Wall and wanted to guard our beautiful motherland like them.

《奇妙的世界》The Wonderful World/熊梓希 Zixi Xiong

I was inspired by the little monsters drawn by an Austrian artist Vexx and found it interesting. So I drew this picture with eyes, octopuses, colorful flowers, bubble-spitting whales, little cup monsters, and big-eyed monsters. I hope that others will be pleased when they see my painting, and that it can bring happiness to everyone!

《生命之歌》The Song of Life/郭一诺 Yinuo Guo

Between light blue and dark blue, life emerges and multiplies, endlessly. This is the concerto of the ocean, the symphony of life, the singing in nature, the whisper outside heaven and earth, and the most beautiful sound in the universe.

《海洋之歌》The Song of the Ocean/刘若晳Ruoxi Liu

The ocean is the common home of humans and marine life. Everyone is immersed in the melodic music and feels the colorfulness of the ocean! The purpose of this painting is to call on everyone to jointly maintain the cleanness and beauty of the marine world and protect the harmonious development of the marine ecology.

《我们一家人》My Family/罗恩泽 Enze Luo

I am 8 years old and painting is my favorite thing. I try to use various materials to portray the people and things around me. I was intrigued by the faces of my family members, so I drew a series of oil paintings of them. I really enjoy the feeling of painting.

《丝路那头的意大利》Italy on the Other Side of the Silk Road/ 黄嘉桐 Jiatong Huang

This piece of mine is a fabric collage using me and my mother’s old jeans. The jeans originated in Italy, the country of fashion, and I recreated a collage work of Piazza del Duomo in Pisa by cutting and pasting jeans with different colors to create a striking contrast.

《时间穿梭机》Time and Space Machine/刘若岚Ruolan Liu

The time and space machine is a brand-new entertainment product that adopts the high-tech means of electronic color display. Through light, sound, images, etc., many events and scenes are set off, allowing the audience to experience a variety of scenes in a safe environment, such as traveling through time and space, space adventure, high-speed driving, love in time and space, and disaster escape. The time and space machine has a small footprint, featuring convenient installation, zero pollution such as exhaust gas, waste liquid, solid waste, etc., and can be installed indoors and outdoors. It is widely suitable for various places and tourist attractions.

《带我们去翱翔》Take Us to Soar/陈杏菲 Xingfei Chen

I imagine a big bird taking us soaring in the universe and seeing the sights of another world, how interesting it is. It is a super big bird with people playing on his back. He is very kind and friendly to take us to the universe to see the Milky Way and the meteor shower.
初中组 Junior High School Students

《奇特的集市》Fantastic Market/陈若伦Ruolun Chen

I created this painting using images of many fantastic creatures in The Classic of Mountains and Seas as reference, combining the elements of Huadan in Peking Opera to construct a lively and peculiar market scene. Watercolor is my favorite painting tool. It is easy to color and enables a variety of expressions. I like to paint. Although I am very busy with my studies, the moment I pick up the paintbrush, I feel very relaxed. I like to use painting to express my thoughts. 

《灿若繁星—丝绸之路》Brilliant Like Stars-Silk Road/ 赵桐羽Tongyu Zhao

The Silk Road is one of the earliest windows for mutual understanding between China and the Western world. On this road, the landscape is beautiful, as charming as the sky full of stars. I stood in the distance, watching the footprints of camels walking forward in rows, looking at the starry sky above my head, and thinking about the story of the ancient Silk Road.

《奇妙世界》The Wonderful World/王习雯Xiwen Wang

I have a beautiful dream. On a quiet night, among the mountains and forests, I play pleasant music, the animals listen quietly, the fish swim happily, and people and nature coexist in harmony. May everyone enjoy such a beautiful and happy life!

《梦里老家》Hometown in Dreams/吴梦缘Mengyuan Wu

This work depicts the scene of looking inside a circular Tulou (a traditional communal Hakka people residence in Fujian) from the door. The lively atmosphere can be seen from the numerous rooms in the painting. The circular tulou boasts sufficient light and ventilation, large area, relatively simple construction, simplified roof as well as adequate wind, earthquake and fire resistance. Tulou is created due to turbulence and migration in China and East Asia in history, praised as “Oriental Ancient Castle” and “Architectural Wonder of the World”. As a native of Western Fujian, I am proud of my ancestors having such wonderful architectures.

《母与子》Mother and Son/梁思淇Siqi Liang

Such kindness as young grass receives
From the warm sun can’t be repaid.
One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is the voice of mother. A mother’s love is endless. It also originates from the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation. Benevolence, filial piety and fraternal duty form strong family affection; modesty and courtesy are part of the traditional Chinese virtues. 

《回家》Go Home/许宝月Baoyue Xu

Home is the warmest place; going home is the most true thought. One must go home despite being far away.

《拥抱祖国的明天》Embrace the Future of the Motherland/蒋憬润 Jingrun Jiang

Open your heart and embrace the future of motherland with gentle hands. Embrace the turtle, embrace our motherland, and use our body and heart to care for her and warm her. She will in turn care for us and warm us, and bestow us a better future.

《爱的味道》The Taste of Love/刘泽园Zeyuan Liu

Childhood is always composed of all kinds of colorful dreams and love, such as my mother’s love for me, my love for my kitten, or the colorful bubble gum in the jar, my beloved bicycle, all of which fill my world with sunshine. Whenever I encounter the situation of going left or right, love always guides me towards warmth! 

《探索与求知》Exploration and Knowledge Seeking/ 杨青霖
Qinglin Yang

Technology brings dreams, innovation changes the world. In the mysterious universe, people explore the mysteries of the universe and reveal the unknown world through continuous efforts. I wish that the science and technology of my motherland progresses with each passing day, and that it will remain prosperous and glorious forever!

《点点星辰》Little Stars/卢怡瑾 Yijin Lu

I created this painting in the hope that one day we will be able to land on the moon and contribute to the development of mankind. I believe that day will come soon.

《人物再创造》Figure Recreation/ 解程凯
Chengkai Xie

The method of replacement is adopted to depict facial features and highlight diverse changes of facial expressions, so that people can fully sense the artistic language of configuring points, lines and planes, and express their own understanding and perception.

《母亲》Mother/ 陈嘉仪 Jiayi Chen

The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants. China’s wetlands provide abundant environments to various species, nourishing the growth of all beings like a mother bearing life. From ancient times to the present, this land has selflessly provided us nourishment for growth and development. In the future, we will use science and technology to protect wetlands and the environment.

《时间规划》Time Planning/ 孙梦谦Mengqian Sun

Our brain is filled with various things. In order to use it reasonably and effectively, we should plan our time. In this work, I integrated the brain with clock to classify various things so that I can try to make reasonable plans for my hobbies in a tight study schedule. Time is life, let’s race against time!

《速写》Sketch/ 孙思韵Siyun Sun

My eyes are a camera. All I can do is make a photo album about myself. What I see is not the car, but my past, as if everything around me had been distorted in meaning and became a mirror which only reflects my appearance. When I look at them, I don’t really see them; I see myself reflected on them from their outer shells.

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