Since the opening of Weifang Kite Exhibition, it has been highly popular among Swedish audiences. Visitors were amazed by the ingenious structure, lifelike image and silky texture of Weifang Kite. Kites represent happy childhood. As an old Chinese poem goes, children returned home early after school, and they got busy flying kites in east wind. In Chinese children’s eyes, kites always go in pairs with happiness and joy. Students from Kinaskolan Ruiqing i Stockholm chose to express their love for kites through painting, using vivid lines and vibrant colors to depict the beauty of traditional Chinese art.

王尼克 Wang Nike

张瑞蕊 Zhang Ruirui

玛雅 Maya

林湘颖 Lin Xiangying

丁香 Ding Xiang

庄子皜 Zhuang Zihao

余佳璐 Yu Jialu

郝美晨 Hao Meichen

马梓萱 Ma Zixuan

周嘉彤 Zhou Jiatong

陈梦洁 Chen Mengjie

何迦地 He Jiadi

高念祖 Gao Nianzu

纪松彤 Ji Songtong

陈一诺 Chen Yinuo

李晴宜 Li Qingyi

张家越 Zhang Jiayue

林佳容 Lin Jiarong

林研纯 Lin Yanchun

庄子弘 Zhuang Zihong

杨尼西 Yang Nixi

任佳禾 Ren Jiahe

鲁浩辰 Lu Haochen

卡儿 Ka Er

朱慧慧 Zhu Huihui

冯钰钧 Feng Yujun

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