“Inheriting Classics: Ningxia Intangible Cultural Heritage” – Hua’er

The Ningxia Shan Hua’er in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity is a folk song coming from the Liupan Mountains area. Born in the lively work and life scenes, it has the countryside style and reflects the true feelings of ordinary people. With features such as a repeat in every three sentences and the fact that everyone sings along once someone else sings, the folk song is not only high-pitched and bold, but also smooth and beautiful, demonstrating a delicate and lyrical charm. By singing Hua’er in the wild, beautiful longings and love thoughts will spread among the blue sky, white clouds, mountains and rivers!
In the video, the host Richard came to Ningxia, walked along the Yellow River, climbed the rough mountains, and wandered in the fields of the Loess Plateau… By visiting these singers, he walked into their lives, recorded how they seriously sing and lead their lives, and explored the influence of the Yellow River folk culture on the modern expression.


A Taste of China: Journey of Ningxia Cuisine

Adopting the borderless narrative mode combining “food, story and tourism”, A Taste of China: Journey Ningxia Cuisine short video series serves to display the culture and tourism resources with Ningxia characteristics as reflected by the special food therein of light cultural style, such as the Wuzhong morning tea, Zhongwei Wolfberry, Yanchi Tan sheep, Shahu Steamed Fish Head, wine, and Longde stew, coupled with the food culture of intangible cultural heritage of Ningxia.


A Taste of China: Journey of Ningxia Cuisine 1: Wuzhong Morning Tea

A Taste of China: Journey of Ningxia Cuisine 2: Yanchi Tan Sheep

A Taste of China: Journey of Ningxia Cuisine 3: Zhongwei Wolfberry

A Taste of China: Journey of Ningxia Cuisine 4: Shahu Steamed Fish Head

A Taste of China: Journey of Ningxia Cuisine 5: Longde stew


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