“Tianshui Yise” (Sky and Water are One Color), photographed by Zhang Dechun in downtown Zhangjiajie

“Wonderland Zhangjiajie”, photographed by Liu Xiangjun

Hunan, located south of the Dongting Lake, has a deep historical and cultural heritage, boasting beautiful and unique scenery and colorful folk customs. Through the exquisite pictures, you will experience the beautiful scenery of this magical land and feel the hospitality of the people of Hunan.

Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Centre

“Changsha Taiping Old Street”, photographed by Xie Wangdong

A Light Boat in the Morning Fog, Dongjiang Lake, Chenzhou

Hunan is a well-endowed region bringing forward people of talent. Hunan is creating a brand of landscape represented by Zhangjiajie, a brand of revolutionary traditions represented by Shaoshan Mountain, a brand of urban culture and urban leisure represented by Changsha, a brand of history and culture represented by Hengshan Mountain, and a brand of agricultural culture represented by Chengtou Mountain ancient cultural sites. These brands offer uniquely immersive experience for visitors. Let’s meet in Hunan.

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