Organized by China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Beijing Fine Art Academy, and China International Exhibition Agency, and co-organized by Qi Baishi Art International Research Center and Beijing CIEA Danqing Exhibition Ltd., “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon – The Art of Qi Baishi Chinese Ink Painting” was opened at China Cultural Center in Stockholm on 12th September, 2023. An exclusive event was organized for the Swedish cultural and art circles on the opening night. Ms. Li Rui, Cultural Counselor and Director of China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Mr. Wu Hongliang, Director of Beijing Fine Art Academy, representatives of renowned Swedish museums, art museums and galleries, auction houses, artists, sinologists, and guests from the cultural and art circles were present.

Wu Hongliang gave a detailed guided tour of Qi Baishi’s poetry, calligraphy, paintings, seals and other works. The professional curatorial concept and selected works, coupled with vivid introduction, deeply attracted Swedish visitors. Wu Hongliang expressed the hope that more Swedish friends would appreciate Qi Baishi’s art through this exhibition and can truly feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture. Attendees said that this special event ensures in-depth exchanges and a premium experience. The exhibition was conducive to deepening the Swedish people’s knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, as well as promoting international art and cultural exchanges.

This exhibition also received strong support from Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, which donated a complete set of The Collected Works of Qi Baishi to China Cultural Center in Stockholm that is also on display during the exhibition. Many viewers come to read with great interest to gain a comprehensive idea of Qi Baishi’s art.

The exhibition is an important part of China Cultural Center’s “Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember” series of activities, with the theme of “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon”. In addition to Qi Baishi’s masterpieces and albums, there are digital calligraphy experiences, viewing works with a magnifying glass and other interactive activities. Bamboo curtains, Guqin tables, and green bamboo create an exhibition space with oriental aesthetics and Chinese artistic conception, taking into account both the academic nature of the exhibition and the experience of viewing the exhibition. From the special event, we can feel the Swedish audience’s warm welcome and high interest in Qi Baishi’s art, as well as the international influence of Qi Baishi’s art.

The exhibition will last until October 27. You are welcome to come and appreciate Qi Baishi’s exquisite works, feel the elegance of the Mid-Autumn Festival, meet a Chinese art master who “does not like mediocrity”, and experience the subtle and vast Chinese culture.

The exhibition will last until October 27.
Venue: Ground Floor Exhibition Hall, China Cultural Center in Stockholm
Address: Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2, 111 53 Stockholm
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00

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