“Blooming Flowers and Full Moon – The Art of Qi Baishi” has been well received by art lovers since its opening on September 12. China Cultural Center in Stockholm has organized a series of educational events during the exhibition, inviting experts from Beijing Fine Art Academy to provide guided tours for Swedish audiences, and conduct exchanges with the locals through various activities, such as Guqin performance, calligraphy experience, art lecture, and Chinese character writing.

Encounter with Östasiatiska museet

On September 13th, China Cultural Center in Stockholm invited Wu Hongliang, Director of Beijing Fine Art Academy, to give a lecture titled “The Cross-cultural Interest of Qi Baishi’s Art” at Östasiatiska museet (The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities) in Sweden,  demonstrating the “true naturalness” in Qi Baishi’s artworks. The lecture was followed by Chinese Cultural Experience Workshop: Pictographic Chinese Characters, in which Chen Qian, Deputy Director of Department of Art of Beijing Fine Art Academy introduced to Chinese culture lovers in Sweden the evolution of Chinese calligraphy, especially the characteristics and brushwork of seal script, and practiced together.

Chinese Culture Experience Workshop at China Cultural Center in Stockholm

On October 12, Beijing Fine Art Academy held “Chinese Culture Experience Workshop – Qi Baishi’s Art World” at China Cultural Center in Stockholm. Tong Xinxin, Deputy Director of Department of Publicity and Education of Beijing Fine Art Academy gave a guided tour, explaining Qi Baishi’s artistic style of true naturalness and his Mid-Autumn themed works that symbolize peace and harmony.

She also played a classic Guqin piece Tune for a Pleasant Night (Liang Xiao Yin) for the Swedish audience, especially Swedish high school students learning Chinese, to better experience the culture of Mid-Autumn Festival. After enjoying the Guqin music, the participants learnt to write the Chinese characters of “Liang Xiao (A Pleasant Night) in seal script.

Pictographic Chinese Characters

On October 14, China Cultural Center in Stockholm and Gothenburg Association of Chinese Students and Scholars held “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon – Qi Baishi and His Art on Mid-Autumn Festival” at the University of Gothenburg. Tong Xinxin introduced in detail the life and art of Baishi, as well as his art creation related to the Mid-Autumn Festival. After the lecture, an interactive, artistic and interesting workshop was held where participants tried writing Chinese characters. They wrote Mid-Autumn Festival greetings and Chinese pictographs on bookmarks, expressing their nostalgia for family, friends and hometown, while having fun in the cultural experience.



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