Hosted by China Cultural Center in Stockholm and organized by Jiangxi Redstar Cultures Co., Ltd., “China Chic – Cultural and Creative Design Exhibition” displays nearly 200 highly representative cultural and creative products from the “Xunganji” series. The exhibits, as part of Jiangxi’s first cultural tourism creative product brand, are inspired by Jiangxi’s fine cultural and tourism resources to demonstrate the profound cultural heritage and enhance regional cultural image.

The first part focuses on the scenic spots of Tengwang Pavilion. The “Tengwang Pavilion” series of cultural and creative brands is a profound tribute to traditional Chinese culture, drawing inspiration from the famous historical site in classical Chinese literature, Tengwang Pavilion. It has created a collection of culturally artistic products that are rich in poetic and historical charm. The series integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern design, presenting a unique cultural and creative style.

The second part focuses on the calligraphy and painting of Bada Shanren (Zhu Da) and Huang Tingjian, two art masters marking milestones in the history of Chinese freehand flower and bird painting, showing the artistic beauty of this expressive art form.

The third part features “China on Porcelain” design elements derived from the ceramic culture of China’s famous porcelain in cultural relics. The cultural and creative products are launched integrating the beauty of ceramic crafts with modern daily necessities, boasting both artistic taste and practical functions.

This exhibition also displays a variety of flower arrangement designs in collaboration with Nordic Cultural Cooperation Association. Amaryllis, crane flower, boat orchid, winterberry, cyclamen, etc…. the beautiful blossoms light up the dark winter night in harmony with Chinese-style design.

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