On December 9th, the children’s giant panda coloring event organized by China Cultural Center in Stockholm was successfully held at Xingzhi School. This event received strong support from Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Barnens vännr AN2 and  Xingzhi School.

The event is highly popular among panda lovers that it is fully booked shortly after the announcement. Fifty lucky elementary and middle school students participated in a unique panda-themed birthday party. Hosted by Su Zhen, the event began with an introduction to the giant panda’s habitat and characteristics. The giant panda, as a symbol of global biodiversity conservation and peace, is cherished and loved worldwide for its adorable and charming image, including Sweden. The goal of the creatively designed panda birthday party is to raise children’s awareness of Chinese culture and ecological environment. Following the introduction, students jointly painted a massive panda scroll on-site, and created 3D panda drawings to express their love for pandas and longing for China, sending love and blessings to the national treasure. These works will also be submitted to our Children’s Art Competition: “My Vision of China”.

The panda birthday party was adorned with cute panda balloons and various panda-themed decorations filled with love for pandas, creating an atmosphere that blended warmth and creativity. Amidst laughter and brush strokes, children experienced the delightful charm of giant pandas. By learning about their unique lifestyle, they recognized the importance of nature as a precious resource that needs respect and protection. The giant panda is not just a lovable symbol but also an international ambassador of friendship for the love of panda transcends cultural barriers. The coloring activity marks a precious moment when everyone cherishes the beauty of panda, nature and life.

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