On December 16th, China Cultural Center in Stockholm and Lilla Akademien organized the “Winter Solstice Meets Lucia – China-Sweden Youth Concert” in Queen Silvia Concert Hall. The concert is an important part of the “China Chic Art Festival”. Tickets were quickly booked by numerous music lovers and cultural exchange professionals. Over 200 attendees not only enjoyed the splendid performances of traditional and contemporary Chinese music but also experienced the unique charm of Swedish folk music. The student performers, adorned in traditional and folk costumes representing both China and Sweden, seamlessly blended the cultures of the two nations, creating a visual and auditory feast featuring Chinese and Swedish cultural elements.

The concert coincides with the Lucia Festival in Sweden and the Winter Solstice in China. Both festivals fall on the longest night of winter that year, after which the days get longer, representing the longing for sunshine and spring shared by both countries. China Cultural Center in Stockholm and Lilla Akademien jointly celebrated the two traditional festivals, using music as a bridge to deepen the friendship between the two peoples.

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