17 February 2024

China Cultural Center in Stockholm

Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2, Stockholm

Curator´s words

“Inhabiting the earth poetically.” More than a hundred years ago, the German philosopher Martin Heidegger elaborated on the ideal way of human existence. His thoughts of freeing one’s mind and letting go with nature as the subject met perfectly with the ancient Chinese philosophy of “nature and human being one”.

Today, ecological and environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and the consumption of resources is rising along with human’s material desires. People are eager to return to nature and inner peace. In turn, how people produce, consume, and interact with the environment will affect human´s own destiny.

The exhibition TING (East and West in Chinese) has two meanings. One is “objects” in the pre-industrial era, and the other implies connection and balance of west and east. With essence and circulation as core values, the exhibition tries to show harmonious life scene between people, objects and environments, through the ancient Chinese construction methods of house and furniture and Nordic modern design and sustainability.

As the curator, I hope to build a meeting place for designers, brands, and new material and technology developers through TING. I also hope that more people understand the creation process of objects and living environment,  thus establishing some kind communication channel between user and maker.

I sincerely thank the Stockholm Furniture Fair to give me the opportunity of curating and China Cultural Center in Stockholm for its support. I thank all the designers and brands who participated in the cooperation. I thank my colleagues and friends with their help. It is them who made the exhibition possible.

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