Dear children and parents:

Children’s Art Competition: “My Vision of China” has come to a close. The purpose of this competition is to encourage children to unleash their imagination and creativity, and to express their love, good wishes, and aspirations for China through their artworks. In the submitted entries, we witnessed the pure and adorable hearts of the children, as well as their unique understanding and expression of Chinese culture, traditions, and the future.

After a meticulous evaluation by the judging panel, we have selected 31 outstanding artworks to enter the final round and recipients for the awards for “Best Representation of Traditional Chinese Culture”, “Best Creative Idea” and “Best Personal Art Style”. We hereby announce the winners and extend heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all participants.

The awards are divided into two age groups: 3 to 8 years old, and 9 years old and above.

 9 years old and above Best Representation of Traditional Chinese Culture: Yichen Liu, 14 years old

Best Creative Idea: Molly Yu, 11 years old

Best Personal Art Style: Caroline Fu, 13 years old


3 to 8 years old Best Representation of Traditional Chinese Culture: Anran Wang, 8 years old


Best Creative Idea: Jiale Lyu, 7 years old

 Best Personal Art Style: Ruiyi Peng, 8 years old


Artworks by the other finalists

Jingyue Yang, 6 years old


Qian Zhao, 9 years old


Xiya Qi, 13 years old


Tony Huang, 12 years old


Noah, 7 years old


Alicia Yu Broman, 9 years old


Haoxuan Lyu, 11 years old


Erin Deng, 6 years old


Emma Gao, 5 years old


Yuchen Wang, 9 years old


Qiqi Cao, 5 years old


Xingyun Xu, 10 years old


Si’en Xu, 7 years old


Xiao Shiliu, 8 years old


Wanwan Zhou, 10 years old


Wanxin Wu, 9 years old


Zhenxuan Lyu, 13 years old


Meipeng Liu, 9 years old


YuxinLiu, 11 years old


Zining Zhou, 8 years old


Ying Chen, 9 years old


Liya Luo, 9 years old


Linna Yu, 10 years old


Miya Zhou, 9 years old


Zhiyi Chen, 11 years old


All finalists will receive a participation award.

  Congratulations to all the winners! Your artworks have showcased your pure minds and brought us endless joy and inspiration.

To claim your prize, please contact BARNENS VÄNNER AN2

Once again, we appreciate the support and encouragement from all the participating children and parents! May our events continue to provide platforms for children’s drawing, allowing more kids to showcase their talent and creativity. Thank you!




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