From April 30th to June 1st, China Cultural Center in Stockholm and STEPVR Phantom will present the “Wow! Sanxingdui” VR Immersive Exploration Exhibition. Visitors can freely roam and explore the space while wearing VR equipment, immersing themselves in the past and present of Sanxingdui (Three-Star Piles), an important branch of Chinese civilization.

The exhibition vividly reconstructs several ancient Shu scenes and combines imaginative elements from the traditional classic Shan Hai Jing (The Book of Mountains and Seas), offering a comprehensive display of the cultural landscape of the Bronze Age in Southwest China. Additionally, players can engage in novel and exciting interactive activities such as boat rides, riding mythical birds, and crossing narrow bridges within the VR environment.


Exhibition Guidelines!

  1. The exhibition is divided into two sections: the artifact area and the VR experience area. Please follow the staff’s instructions and proceed through the exhibition in an orderly manner.
  2. For the VR experience, visitors need to wear a VR headset and backpack equipment, totaling approximately 3kg in weight. Visitors should be prepared to walk for about 15 minutes while wearing the equipment.
  3. Children under 1.2 meters in height or under the age of 7, individuals with a history of hypertension, heart disease, pregnant women, and other individuals are not recommended to participate in the VR experience.
  4. During the VR experience, please follow the guidance provided within the virtual world carefully, move cautiously to avoid colliding with virtual walls or other players, and refrain from running, jumping, or playing rough.
  5. To ensure the effectiveness of the experience, please keep conversations to a minimum volume throughout the VR experience. Loud noise or disruptions are strictly prohibited within the exhibition space.
  6. Food and beverages are not permitted in the VR experience area, and photography or filming is not allowed without prior permission.


Online Booking

Please scan the QR code to open the website to make an appointment for the exhibition:

Or please copy the link below and open it in your browser to make an appointment for the exhibition:


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