The “Lanting Culture Salon” event series, jointly organized by China Cultural Center in Stockholm and China National Academy of Painting, was successfully held at China Cultural Center in Stockholm. More than one hundred attendees, including Ambassador Cui Aimin from the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, Li Rui, Cultural Counselor and Director of China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Dr. Lennart Lundberg, a renowned Swedish translator and sinologist, artists from China National Academy of Painting including Professor Wang Dongsheng, Dr. Tang Chaoyi and Dr. Zhao Jifang, as well as Chinese culture lovers from Sweden, participated in the event.

Ambassador Cui expressed in his speech that the Chinese language is a carrier of ancient wisdom and a refined art, offering a key for the international community to understand and appreciate China. He expressed his willingness to join hands with Swedish friends to use language as a bridge, fostering friendship through culture, and promoting mutual exchanges and learning between Eastern and Western civilizations. He emphasized the importance of enhancing mutual understanding and closeness between the peoples of the two countries, further consolidating consensus and strength for peace, development, and cooperation.

Dr. Lundberg, a sinologist and translator, has introduced Chinese literature by translating works of Chinese authors such as Ba Jin, Lu Xun, and Mo Yan to Swedish readers, and has been awarded the “Special Book Award of China”. In his speech, he pointed out that Chinese characters are beautiful, and the Chinese language and literature have had an uninterrupted history of at least three thousand years. New expressions and vocabulary constantly enrich the treasure trove of Chinese characters. Reading literature from different periods and countries can help understand the thoughts and ideas of the people at that time.

Following that, Professor Wang Dongsheng from China National Academy of Painting delivered a lecture titled “The Beauty of Writing: The Culture of Chinese Character and the Art of Calligraphy”. Through the historical context of calligraphy and representative works from various periods, he helped the audience understand the principles of appreciating calligraphy and experience its beauty. The lecture received widespread acclaim, with some local Chinese language teachers expressing that while they had attended calligraphy courses before, this was the first time they had received such a professional and systematic introduction to the history of Chinese calligraphy. They expressed a desire to obtain the lecture materials to promote calligraphy knowledge in their teaching.

On the same day, two sessions of calligraphy and seal engraving workshop were also held. Calligraphy artists from China National Academy of Painting, including Professor Wang Dongsheng, Dr. Tang Chaoyi, and Dr. Zhao Jifang, led participants to experience calligraphy with sufficient demonstration and active interaction. Everyone practiced calligraphy writing through the hands-on experience, which deepened their understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditional culture. The “Lanting Culture Salon” event received positive feedback even before its commencement. Attendees said that China Cultural Center in Stockholm provided an excellent platform for them to engage with and understand China, and they hoped to participate more Chinese cultural activities in the future.

Photo by Wei Xuechao


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