The Hanfu Night – Beauty of Chinese Clothing, organized by China Cultural Center in Stockholm and Network of International Culturalink Entities, was successfully held on May 28 at China Cultural Center in Stockholm. The lecturer, Professor Chu Yan from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), introduced the evolution of ancient Chinese clothing, outlined the development of Chinese apparel and discussed the fashion connections between East and West, as well as between tradition and modernity.

Chu Yan mentioned that over thousands of years, each Chinese dynasty had its own distinctive clothing style. For example, Han dynasty attire was simple and elegant, Tang dynasty clothing was magnificent and grand, and Song dynasty garments were minimalist and graceful. Each Chinese ethnic minority group also has its unique traditional attire.

Nearly a hundred Chinese culture lovers, especially Hanfu lovers, attended the lecture. Hanfu outfits were prepared at the venue for the audience to experience and try on. Many attendees came to the event wearing their own Hanfu garments.

It is said that the lecture helped the audience understand the history of Chinese clothing and appreciate the beauty and historical significance embedded in Chinese attire, sparking a strong interest in traditional Chinese culture.



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