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Homes among Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains · Traditional Architecture in Zhejiang Province
Zhejiang, facing the East China Sea in the east, has long been described as a land with “70% mountains, 10% waters and 20% fields”. A place with its particular soil and water nurtures unique humanity, natural environment and lifestyle.

Lucid waters, lush mountains and ancient architecture in Zhejiang are as harmoniously blended as they are a natural match. Architecture of distinctive styles built on or near “mountains”, “seas”, “waters” and other landscapes reproduces the concomitant life philosophy of nature and locals in Zhejiang for thousands of years. Home, a sweet name cherished, comes in different ways. It can be walls and black tiles that lie on the south of the Yangtze River, the mansion of eminent families that live together for generations in central Zhejiang, the houses made of rammed earth in mountains, or stone ramparts built on the seaside.