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Lecture on Liangzhu and Chinese Civilization
Duration: 43 minutes


Five thousand years ago was a great era that gave birth to many grand civilizations. Where was the Chinese civilization nurtured five thousand years ago? The lecture on Liangzhu and Chinese Civilization will be presented by front-line leading archaeologists, elaborating on the relationship between Liangzhu Civilization and Chinese Civilization, as well as the uniqueness of the East Asian Civilization that Liangzhu represents.

Ma Li, the author of Witness 5000 Years -- A Record of Liangzhu Kingdom , will be invited to present us a vivid and solid Liangzhu from various perspectives by focusing on archaeological discoveries of Liangzhu Site, including city walls, rice planting, hydraulic system,jade and other factors of Liangzhu Civilization.

The Vlog explores Liangzhu Museum and the Liangzhu archaeological Site Park, take part in workshop activities through the eyss of foreigner visitors to explore different aspects of the rich spiritual connotation of liangzhu Civilization.