Different regions observe various customs. Colorful and diverse local cultures bloom on the vast land of China, presenting different Chinese New Year experiences. Since ancient times, Zhejiang has been an elegant place enjoying scenic landscape, profound history and splendid culture. For thousands of years, dream pursuers have come here to express their love for nature and to cleanse their hearts, leaving precious poems and paintings that have been passed down to us now.


Forest [UK] Ann Brockley



A floating black-awning boat, has connected the past thousands of years and the present of this land;

A cup of yellow rice wine, is to toast this wonderful time in silent breeze;

A breathtaking landscape, is a piece of nature where countless literati and poets have chanted their poems of praise;

A Yue opera, allows you to wander in the melodious music, to empty your mind in the lingering tune and meet charming characters in the touching story.


Intention [UK] Emily Ball



“A Show to the World: Picturesque Zhejiang – Online Exhibition of Dynamic Zhejiang Culture and Tourism” demonstrates the beauty of Zhejiang’s nature, culture and creation by means of art exhibitions, dynamic performances and integration of technology and art. At the exhibition, visitors from all over the world will feel the poetic and picturesque splendor of Zhejiang, hear the melody of mountains and streams, see various aspects of Zhejiang and observe Zhejiang from global perspectives.


Zhejiang’s Scenery



Click the following link or scan the QR code to initiate a virtual tour of picturesque Zhejiang province:


See You in Zhejiang




Longquan Celadon Experience Tour



Longquan Celadon Experience Tour features the only element of Chinese porcelain culture to be included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Amidst the joyous atmosphere of Spring Festival celebrations, the Experience Tour uses brand-new technology to allow friends from all over the world to interact with traditional Chinese culture online. The Experience Tour allows the audience to “visit” Longquan, Zhejiang to experience how the culture of its exquisite celadons has been preserved over centuries by porcelain masters. Through a full 3D-interactive environment, visitors can see for themselves how the Longquan Celadon manufacturing process transforms clay mined from deep in forested mountains into stunning pieces of art. Visitors will also be able to experience how Longquan’s celadon culture has dazzled the world over the centuries.


Longquan Celadon Experience Tour


观展链接及二维码 / Exhibition entrance:



Tripod Burner with a Lotus Rim

Yuhuchun Pear-shaped Vase

Charming Beauty Vase

Big Bowl with Lotus Design

Vase with Phoenix-shaped Ears



Traditional Customs of the Spring Festival: Enjoying the Wu Opera and Its Face Masks



Zhejiaing Wu Opera was listed as national intangible cultural heritage in 2008. The following lecture will give you a brief introduction of Wu Opera and its face masks while presenting some typical Wu Opera performances related to the Spring Festival.


Traditional Customs of the Spring Festival: Enjoying the Wu Opera and Its Face Masks



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