Shi Qian Giving Good Fortune


《时迁送福》Opera Cartoon Shi Qian Giving Good Fortune



Ding Zhen’s New Year



《丁真的新年》Ding Zhen, a Kangba Tibetan teenager, sends New Year’s greetings to the world.


Mount Chenrezig / Zhao Min



Every time it snows in winter, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province turns into a snowy wonderland. Snowfield, glacier, forest, hot spring, plateau under sunlight …… all living beings welcome the New Year in a holy and pure world, where Ding Zhen and his hometown are embracing new changes.


Eye of Genyen, Litang County / Wang Dui



2020 has been an unusual year for the world when the pandemic has brought widespread suffering. Finally, we welcome the New Year as ritual smoke rising from the bottom of snow-capped mountains. Everything beautiful is bound to return. May the snow on the plateau end all diseases and disasters; that’s what we believe in and hope for.





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