Yunnan Province is located in southwestern China featuring picturesque landscape and a long history of  pottery making. A number of pottery making techniques from Yunnan are listed as national intangible cultural heritage. Jianshui purple pottery from the Red River, Nixi black pottery in Shangri-La, slow-wheel pottery of the Dai People in Xishuangbanna, Yuxi Qinghua (blue-and-white) porcelain, Jinsha pottery in the old town of Lijiang……The rich natural resources and the colorful multi-ethnic culture are well-integrated to breed splendid traditional handicrafts that have been inherited for thousands of years and have never stopped evolving.

Water, fire, earth and wood – the natural elements are embraced to create arts and crafts; writing brushes, ink sticks, books – the treasures of culture are cherished to communicate with souls. Clay, as the gift of nature, reflects people’s respect and reverence for nature of all ages, becoming an embodiment of human nature and the magic of art as it is gradually taking shape in the hands of craftsmen.



The Elegant Jianshui Purple Pottery





Nixi Black Pottery: A Rustic Art with Thousands of Years of History





Slow-Wheel Pottery of the Dai People





Yuxi Qinghua (Blue and White) Porcelain





Jinsha Pottery of the Naxi People in Lijiang: Memory on Fingertips – The Art of Fire and Earth




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