Perhaps the most appealing part of traveling is that it allows you to jump out of your routine to have different life experiences and develop new perspectives on yourself and the world. Whether you are traveling alone or with families and friends, it is rewarding. What you see and hear in the journey, even the most common things, maybe somehow inspiring due to a changed state of mind. This is possibly why it is always enjoyable to record, share and savour travel stories. In this fresh and lovely midsummer, we share with you our friends’ travel experiences in China. May these warm and interesting stories bring you a good mood~

Li Xiaoyan‘s Travel Experiences in China
Noah‘s Travel Experiences in China
Lowe Liu‘s Travel Experiences in China

My impression

I have been to Beijing twice. The first time I was quite young so I don’t remember anything. I went to Beijing for the second time when I was six years old. My impression is that Beijing is particularly crowded. My grandma lives in a lovely alley with a small market where you can buy Shaobing (Chinese sesame pancake), fruits, vegetables and many other delicious things.


My favorite food

I lived at my grandparents’ house. There was a pancake stall next to my grandparents’ house. Every day we got up and went to the pancake stall to have breakfast. My grandmother in Beijing often made Zhajiangmian (noodles with fried soybean paste) for us. I went to a Beijing roast duck restaurant called Da Dong. I like Peking duck. The roast duck in Da Dong was not served in a traditional way – they have rolled the wraps for you like a burger. I also went to a restaurant called Qiaojiangnan (South Beauty) with my cousin. Beijing is the capital of China, and there are delighted cuisines from all over the country.



You can visit many attractions in Beijing. I think the coolest place in Beijing is the Great Wall. When I was six years old, I went to the Great Wall with my parents. Another attraction I have been to is Xiang Shan (The Fragrant Hill). It was a very hot day and I became very thirsty, so I brought a lot of water. We climbed to the top of the mountain and bought a big watermelon. I have also been to Tian’anmen Square in the late evening. I went to the Temple of Heaven and the Hongqiao Market nearby. There was a toy store. I bought a lot of Mario Bros toys.


Fun places

There are not only delicious food in Beijing but also fun places. My cousin and I have been to many interesting places. We went to the zoo to watch the animals, visited the aquarium, took the speedboat and fed the animals. I also went to Beihai Park. There was an island in the park and a white pagoda on the island. I climbed to the top of the white pagoda and ate ice-cream. There was also the Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai. We rowed in the lake. I also went to the Science and Technology Museum, where you can learn about many advanced technologies. I went to the children’s area and played a water cycle game. The water flowed faster after I pumped it up. I also dug up dinosaur fossils.

Journey to the south of the Yangtze River, Zhenjiang

My dad went to elementary school in Zhenjiang. We visited Zhenjiang and met his classmates. We took a walk in Xijin Ferry Site together and appreciated the ancient buildings. We also went to Jinshan Park and drove an electric boat. We took the ferry to Jiaoshan Park and went past the old city hall.


Journey to the south of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou

We stayed in Zhenjiang for three days before taking the ferry across the Yangtze River to Yangzhou. The Yangtze River was very wide, so it took a long time to get to the other side. There are many gardens with lotus and trees in Yangzhou.

Andreas Wang Ellefsen‘s Travel Experiences in China


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