Overview of Beijing International Health Tourism Expo  (HTE2021)

Beijing International Health Tourism Expo (HTE2021) will take place at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing between 13 and 15 August with an exhibition area of 13,000 square meters. Under the greater public expectations for a happy life and healthy mind and body, it will have special highlights this year.

Which popular industries will participate in HTE 2021?  And which kinds of business opportunities are there?
HTE 2021 comprises five major exhibition areas, namely, areas of Domestic Exhibition, International Exhibition, Business Exhibition, Interactive Experience, and Medical Devices and Health Exhibition and Sales. The Domestic Exhibition will involve cultural-tourism managing bodies, health-tourism businesses and industry associations from across China, who will have exchange and trade on site. The International Exhibition will see those involved in industries such as medical tourism and aesthetic medicine as well as tourist destinations and dealers from home and abroad. They will have exchange and business talks. The Business Exhibition covers health and leisure, forest therapy, functional food, wellness and medicinal cuisine, sport and fitness, as well as online-travel agencies, tour operators and insurance companies. In the Interactive Experience Area, businesses of traditional Chinese medicine and wellness, cloud hospitals, beauty and fitness and health check offer online booking for medical and wellness tourism, in addition to on-site interactive experience and free medical consultation. The Medical Devices and Health Exhibition and Sales Area will be home to some high-quality business which covers high-end medical tourism, traditional Chinese medicine industry, aesthetic medicine, health products, household fitness machines, traditional Chinese medicine and ethno-medicine.
During the three-day exhibition, businesses and organisations from health tourism and related fields at home and abroad will engage in exchange and business talks. The exhibition will serve as a bridge of collaboration, contributing to business development and industrial progress.
An efficient platform for business talks and industrial collaboration
HTE serves as an efficient platform for business talks and industrial collaboration among health-tourism enterprises and public institutions from home and abroad. National and international buyers and sellers will gather here and engage in exchange and business talks. Meanwhile, the organising committee will specially organise one-to-one business talks that allow exhibitors and domestic and foreign buyers to engage in targeted and effective trade talks and communication. On days when it is open to the public, the large number of visitors will play a critical role in boosting the sales on site. The general public are not merely potential consumers. They will contribute to the promotion of quality products, merchandise and services they have seen at the exhibition.


A diversity of events for a smart health-tourism platform

HTE 2021 will also stage the high-quality industry summit “China International Health Tourism Forum 2021” and events such as health-tourism training and healthy-life salon. The forum focuses on high-quality development of health tourism where industry authorities and business leaders will jointly create a smart health-tourism platform. Meanwhile, the training will be focused on how to connect health products with tourism channels. The health-tourism salon will be an exchange platform for healthy female living and the development of concepts that are fashionable and healthy. These high-end meetings have become industry brands, well received in the industry.

Strengthening brand marketing and promoting exhibitors’ products on multiple platforms
In addition to being a communication and collaboration platform for health-tourism products and information, HTE is a stage for the marketing of health-tourism brands and products. The organising committee will promote exhibitors’ brands and products both online and offline and build professional platforms that help exhibitors develop their business and promote their brands. Exhibitors may also contact the organising committee for integrated marketing. They are welcome to bring product information and quality products to the exhibition that will benefit the visitors.All involved in the industry or related fields are welcome to join the platform of HTE 2021 to contribute to the development of high-quality health tourism, enjoy the benefits and lead a healthy and happy life.HTE 2021 is organised by Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd.; supervised by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation, Department of Resource Development and Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Planning and Information of China’s National Health Commission and the Department of International Cooperation of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and supported by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Hebei Province, Health Tourism Chapter of China Tourism Association and China Forestry Industry Association.


For further information, please visit the website: www.chinahte.com 

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