Call for Photogragh Contributions

The Four Stunning Seasons of China – Your Perspective”

If you enjoy travelling and photography, please join us;
If you love sharing and chatting about stories “on the road”, please join us;
If you are attracted by the four dazzling seasons and, like us, want to show the world the magnificent landscapes of beautiful China, then come along.
Join and share your photographs, so the world may see the four stunning seasons of China from your perspective!

Beijing Sunny Communications Ltd.


Original photography works that showcase “Beautiful China” and tell Chinese stories focusing on four themes, namely natural landscapes, cultural relics and historical sites, folk customs, and leisure and holiday.


Contribution time:
2021/05/25 – 2021/10/15
Photograph Requirements
1. A single photograph or a set of 4 – 8 photographs;
2. All shooting equipment permitted: SLR cameras, mobile phones or drones;
3. Submissions must be in JPG format and each image bigger than 5MB; 
4. Submissions shall be accompanied by a description of about 150 words.
1. Four themes of “The Four Stunning Seasons” are planned, namely, “ Natural Landscapes”, “Cultural Relics and Historical Sites”, “Leisure and Holiday” and “Folk Customs”, from which 40 (sets of) works will be shortlisted for “The Four Stunning Seasons of China – Your Perspective”.
2.Shortlisted works will each be awarded RMB500 and a certificate. Organizations whose works are shortlisted will each receive an “Outstanding Organisation Award” certificate.
Entry Process

1. Submission: Individuals and organisations may submit their works via the H5 page ( of the Call for Contributions to “Best Season to Travel”. The panel will categorise and number all the works before judging and showing them.

2. Display: Works that have passed the preliminary selection will be displayed under the “Work Display” section of the H5 page of the Call for Contributions to “Best Season to Travel”. The panel will select about 50 (sets of) works in the middle and at the end of each month.

3. Preliminary expert selection: The event will formally close and the submission channel will be shut on 15 October. The panel of experts from fields such as tourism, photography and communication will carry out preliminary selection based on work conception, photography techniques, visual effects and late-stage creativity.

4. Final expert selection: Final expert selection will take place offline between 26 and 31 October, and 40 (sets of) works will be shortlisted. (Where the selection criteria and requirements have not been met, the final prize(s) may be vacant.)

5. Selection announcement: Shortlisted works will be announced on around 1 November.

Selection Criteria

1. Submissions shall be authentic and conform to the overall theme and conception of the event as well as the requirements.

2. Works shall demonstrate a distinctive theme: “Natural Landscapes”, “Cultural Relics and Historical Sites”,  “Leisure and Holiday” or “Folk Customs”.

3. Submissions shall foreground sights or landmarks and shall be aesthetic and highly recognisable.

4. Submissions shall be judged of the emotions and appeal of the “touristic attraction” as photographed based on the artistic atmosphere.


Terms and Conditions

1. Submitters must have the absolute copyright of or the copyright authorisation for the submissions.

2. Submissions must be original creations, not infringing on any third-party copyright, portraiture rights, right of reputation, privacy, trademark rights and other legal rights. Consent must be obtained from the person(s) featured in the submissions and, where necessary, a statement must be provided.

3. Shortlisted works will be used at the official events of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and on platforms and at events at home and abroad without further contribution fees.

4. Quality works that have not been shortlisted may be selected for the image library of Sunny Communications, which may use the images and pay for their copyrights.

5. Works that have not been shortlisted will not be returned. Submitters should keep their own copies.

6. The panel of “Best Seasons to Travel” reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions of the event.

7. By participating in the event, all submitters are regarded as consenting to the above-stated terms and conditions and will observe them accordingly.

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