China Cultural Center in Stockholm cooperates with Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to launch a virtual exhibition of “The New Classic of Mountains and Seas” curated and produced by Zhejiang Art Museum. The exhibition conveys the “eastern imagination” with cultural accumulation of national belief, thus profoundly embodying the contemporary, practical and global significance of traditional Chinese culture.

Exhibition Overview

Guided Tour by Ying Jinfei, Director of Zhejiang Art Museum

A total of 124 sets of works of nearly 50 artists from China, USA, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Japan are displayed in this exhibition. With reference to the basic characteristics and religious background of ancient Chinese mythological thinking such as ubiquitous chaos, imagery and reverence for virtues, the exhibition interprets the life consciousness of The Book of Mountains and Seas from three themes of universal time and space, the divine and the strange, and the poetic contexts, which can be reflected respectively in the three sections of “Primordial Universe: The Lost Pieces of the Book of Heaven”, “Taotie: The Picture of the World” and “Wake and Sleep: The New Record of Heaven and Earth”. Zhejiang Art Museum exhibits new artistic creations centering on The Book of Mountains and Seas and tries to convey a new definition of consciousness and images of traditional Chinese mythologies through exploring the realistic possibility of expanding the memory space of mythology.

AI-Electronic Utopia / Liu Sichen 2020


The Book of Mountains and Seas is an important document of ancient Chinese myths written in the pre-Qin period, containing ancient Chinese people’s understanding of natural meteorology, cultural inventions and the origin of species. Today, we put The Book of Mountains and Seas in the perspective of contemporary art to initiate dialogue between mythical narrative and contemporary art by opening a space-time tunnel through creative and interactive games, so that the viewers can enjoy a visual feast in a world of wild imagination.

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Chapter 1:Primordial Universe: The Lost Pieces of the Book of Heaven

Breath / Ying Jinfei / Watercolor
2020 / 150 cm x 96 cm 

“The Primordial Universe” has roamed around as it wills and has seen cultural sites, celebrated gardens and imperial palaces throughout its journey. Having witnessed historical vicissitudes, it longs for a harmonious world for which Heaven and human both contribute, an Eden where all natural things live and die according to providence.

History Creation / Wei Jialin / Ink painting
2019 / 165 cm x 170 cm

Pictures of Wonderful Scenes in Sacrificing Rituals / He Liang / Mixed media 
2020 / Dimension variable 


Chapter 2:Taotie: The Picture of the World

Deer Owl / Xu Longbao / Print
2016 / 30 cm x 30 cm

Aquatic / Takehiro Nikai / Print
2010 / 40 cm x 50 cm

Flying Wing to Wing / Kang Chunhui / Ink and colour on paper
2020 / 194 cm x 344 cm

Four Spirits of the Sky – White Tiger / Xu Na / Print
2020 / 40 cm x 50 cm

“Taotie” displays a vast number of images that consist of the spirits of mountains and lakes, beasts and birds, grasses and plants. It takes on the form of each vivid image like running water shaped by whatever it encounters. In this way it unrolls a magnificent scroll of mountains and seas which encompasses all brilliant and virtuous things and provokes mediation on eastern poetic tastes and fantastic imaginations.

Fairy Tale World / Li Hongbo / Paper-based sculptures 
2020 / Dimension variable

Stories of Giants 2 / Zhang Lanpo / Digital painting 
2018 / 150 cm x 300 cm 


Chapter 3:Wake and Sleep: The New Record of Heaven and Earth

Gravitation Entanglement / Michael Najjar / Hybrid photography 
2014 / 132 cm x 202 cm

What has been understood between “Wake and Sleep” is everything in ever-changing state. One’s wisdom, for instance, transforms into momentary fantasies and splendid visions. Inspired and illuminated, he will find himself in a blissful wonderland where time and space remain no longer fixed and both his body and spirit are endlessly extended. Beyond the mortal world, he forgets himself and anything else and ultimate harmony is thereafter achieved and long lasts.

The Circle of Mountains and Seas / Jiang Shuhang, Peng Yiwei / Video and composite materials
2020 / Dimension variable

The Changing Landscape / Zhong Biao / Ink painting on paper
2020 / 196 cm x 122 cm

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