February 1, 2022 marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger as we wave goodbye to the Year of the Ox. To celebrate the Chinese New Year with Chinese and Swedish friends, China Cultural Center in Stockholm will host 2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” online celebration with Chinese and Swedish tourism and cultural organizations, National Ballet of China, China National Traditional Orchestra, China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, Fujian Song and Dance Theatre, The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Center, Lanxi Li Yu Opera Research Center and so on from January 27 to February 15 to embark on a cultural tour of Spring Festival with a variety of creative exhibitions, impressive performances and interactive experiences and jointly celebrate Chinese New Year with friends in China and Sweden!

2022 January 27 China-Sweden Happy Chinese New Year Gala

Although China and Sweden are thousands of miles apart, the people are closely connected. As we are ringing out the old and ringing in the new, the Chinese and Swedish people express their great expectations for the future in different ways and celebrate the Chinese New Year together!

2022 Happy Chinese New Year Gala – Fujian

Fujian Spring Festival Gala will present local cultural elements such as singing and dancing, acrobatics, opera and puppetry to showcase a diverse, open, refreshing and charming Fujian, bringing the heartfelt wishes of new year for everyone.

Zhejiang Wu Opera

Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Center and Lanxi Li Yu Opera Research Center will present several classic Wu opera excerpts such as Golden Monkeys Welcome Spring, Breaking the Array of Heavenly Gate, etc.

Performing Arts Concert
A concert featuring the integration of classic and modern music presented by National Ballet of China, China National Traditional Orchestra, China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater and Beijing Symphony Orchestra.

Taijiquan Therapy

Winter and the 24 Chinese Solar Terms

Blooms of Spring – Chinese New Year Concert

Chinese New Year Photo Exhibition

A Journey of Taste in Sichuan

Charm of Chinese New Year Children’s Animated Short Video Shows

2022 Happy Chinese New Year – Online Performances and Exhibitions by the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival

More wonderful performaces, including traditional Chinese music concerts by Zi De Guqin Studio, Shanghai Odyssey · The Bund, Contemporary Acrobatic Show The Butterfly Lovers, Modern Dance Disappear, Classical Dance Bo Ya Cut the Strings, Original Dance White Snake · Revelations, Documentary Show Shanghai Craftsmanship of Hundreds and Brilliant Intangible Cultural HeritageStories of Shanghai Architecture, etc. await you during Chinese New Year online celebration. Dont’ miss it!

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