The Chinese New Year is the grandest traditional festival of the Chinese people and an important holiday for family reunion and joyous celebration. Over the past 19 years, the annual “Happy Chinese New Year” cultural event has become a major platform for the Chinese and Swedish people to conduct and enjoy cultural exchanges and an embodiment of the shared wishes for a better life. Today, we witness the opening of “2022 Happy Chinese New Year” online celebration held by China Cultural Center in Stockholm. H.E. Aimin Cui, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Sweden hereby extends to local Chinese and Swedish friends from all walks of life his sincere greetings and best wishes for a Happy, Health, Prosperous and Vigorous New Year of the Tiger!

Opening Remarks by H.E. Aimin Cui, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Sweden

2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” Global Launching Ceremony and Concert

Celebrate the Spring Festival with Dragon Dance Performances

Dragon dance, a lively and jubilant traditional custom, is among the most popular activities during the Spring Festival. Dragon dance is commonly known as playing dragon lanterns, ranging from golden dragon and fiery dragon to dragon lantern, dragon boat and other forms. Dragon dancers leap and dance with colorful silk balls, waving, twisting, shaking while creating different formations. Dazzling moves and splendid colors best highlight the festival atmosphere.

Dragon dance is also an important event among Spring Festival celebrations throughout the world. Dragon parades may differ in form, design and other respects, but they all demonstrate the exuberantly festive atmosphere and bring joy to people all around the world.

Fiery Dragon Dance /  Photo by Lu Tao

People are spraying molten iron to produce fiery sparks and performing dragon dance to celebrate the Spring Festival at the ancient town of Taierzhuang, Zaozhuang, Shandong.

Fiery Dragon Dance / Photo by Li Xiaobin

A fiery dragon dance performance is held in Buzhai Town, Fengshun County, Guangdong in which the dragon is led by a colorful silk ball amid showers of sparks.

Dragon Dance in Water / Photo by Huang Jianjun

A unique dragon dance is performed in water during Pan Village Lantern Festival in Shuikou Town, Kaiping, Guangdong.

Dragon Boat and Festival Lantern / Photo by Lin Zhidao

In Lishui County, Foshan, Guangdong, water dragon dance performances are held annually to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Dragon boats in water symbolize that people will be with vigorous spirit and everything will go well in the new year.

Dragon Dance Celebrates Spring Festival / Photo by Li Xiangjie

Dragon-shaped colored lantern boats decorated with red lanterns in the Taige parade during the Lantern Festival in Yueyang, Hunan bring more joy to the festive celebration.

Dragon Dance Celebrates Spring Festival in Ancient Town Langzhong / Photo by Hua Xiaofeng

In the ancient town of Langzhong, Sichuan, under Zhongtian Tower and along rows of old houses, a golden dragon dance performance is held to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Dragon Festival Lanterns Celebrate Spring Festival / Photoby Liu Debin

A Spring Festival lantern parade is staged on Golden Pebble Beach, Dalian, Liaoning where giant dragon lantern display and dragon dance performances complement each other. People are immersed in the joyous atmosphere of the Spring Festival by appreciating festival lanterns and traditional customs.

Rolling Dragon Dance Celebrates Spring Festival / Photo by Zhang Lei

In the ancient town of Zhaiying, Guizhou, people weave dragon heads and keels with bamboo splits, and lighten the dragon spills to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Happy Chinese New Year in Argentina / Photo by Martín Zabala

The dragon dance in Chinese New Year celebration brings joy to people in Chinatown, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Flying Golden Dragon / Photo by Wong Chek Poh

Chingay Parade is a main event to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival in Singapore, and also one of the largest parades in Asia. The Flying Golden Dragon show, one of the parade’s highlights, draws a large crowd.

Spring Festival Dragon Dance / Photo by Meng Xiaodong

A group of African students show off their skills at the Spring Festival Dragon Dance Contest in Wuhan, Hubei.


2022 China-Sweden Happy Chinese New Year Gala

It’s All About Love / 森 Senn

Guzheng  – Dance of the Yi People & Dance – Jasmine Flower / Lilla Akademien 

Poem Recitation in Chinese and English – On New Year’s Day of 1714 (Kong Shangren) / 林有为 Mattias Lind

Yangqin (Chinese Dulcimer) – The Sound of Snowfall / 杨晶莹 Yang Jingying

Mini Movie – My Little Lion: A Chinese New Year Story / 天木 Timothy Pilotti & Tomio Araki & Navamin Ray Kridiphong & 蔡毓晶 Sherry Yujing Cai

Wuxi Opera – Excerpt from The Double-Pearl Phoenix Hairpin
Birds on the Branches / 朱瀛盈 Zhu Yingying

Let’s Toast, Friends / 杨筱音 Yang Xiaoyin

Rural Cheongsam Show & Rose Tango / 白玉兰旗袍队 Magnolia Cheongsam Team

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