China Cultural Center in Stockholm will present “The Diverse Image – Chinese & Swedish Printmaking Exhibition” from March 22 to April 20, 2024. The exhibition features representative and classic prints from China spanning nearly a century from the 1930s to the present day, showcasing the development of Chinese history and the art of printmaking over the past century. The exhibition also displays works from over 30 contemporary Swedish printmaking artists, depicting interesting picture stories and expressions with an exciting mixture of graphic techniques like woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, drypoints, and screen prints.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 -16:00


China-Sweden Visual Arts Festival – Lecture

Lecturer: Torsten Jurell

Theme: The Connection Between Swedish and Chinese Woodblock Printing

Time: 2024-03-26, 18:30-19:30

Venue: China Cultural Center in Stockholm

Language: Swedish

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What is the significance of the Swedish artist Siri Magnus-Lagercrantz, born in Gothenburg in 1875, for the printmaking exhibition that Chinese and Swedish artists are participating in now, 150 years later, at the China Cultural Center in Stockholm? There, the artist Torsten Jurell begins his story about why the woodblock printmaking as a form of expression is both joyful and beautiful. Or why AI can never measure up to the use of a potato peeler.  At least not in the field of art.

Torsten Jurell is an artist based in Sweden and China and can be described as a multimedia artist. His woodcut prints are collected by several museums and private collectors.

Föreläsare: Torsten Jurell

Tema: Kopplingen mellan svenskt och kinesiskt trätryckeri

Tid: 2024-03-26, 18:30-19:30

Plats: China Cultural Center i Stockholm

Språk: Svenska

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Vad har den svenske konstnären Siri Magnus-Lagercrantz, född i Göteborg 1875 för betydelse för den grafikutställning kinesiska och svenska konstnärer deltar i nu, 150 år senare, på China Cultural Center in Stockholm? Där börjar konstnären Torsten Jurell sin berättelse kring varför träsnittet som uttrycksform är både roligt och fint dessutom påstår han att AI aldrig kan mäta sig med bruket av en potatisskalare. Åtminstone inte på konstens område.

Torsten Jurell är konstnär baserad i Sverige och Kina och kan beskrivas som en multimediakonstnär. Hans träsnitt finns i flera museer och privata samlingar.


Online Activity: The Imprint of the Poyang Lake Culture – A Researching Exhibition of Jiangxi Printmaking


Film Screening

 Legend of the Demon Cat

Time: 2024.04.06 14:00 – 16:00

Address: Second floor, China Cultural Center in Stockholm

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This film tells the story of a fantastic poignant epic in the flourishing period of the Tang Dynasty. The mad poet Bai Letian met the monk Konghai who admired the style of the Great Tang in Chang’an, but they accidentally triggered the secret of the rise and fall of the dynasty across 30 years. As all kinds of characters appeared, both prosperity and brilliance and the pain of the Great Tang were revealed slowly. A truth that was masked by the chaotic history would also emerge.

During the China-Sweden Visual Arts Festival, art workshops and other activities will also be held. Details will be announced on various platforms of the China Cultural Center in Stockholm. Please stay tuned for more information!

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