China-Sweden Visual Arts Festival 

China Cultural Center in Stockholm will present “The Diverse Image – Chinese & Swedish Printmaking Exhibition” from March 22 to April 20, 2024.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 – 16:00

Curator’s Foreword

Humans have always had a need to convey themselves through images. When the possibility of reproducing the image was discovered, it was a major breakthrough. Now it was possible to spread pictures to a wider audience. The oldest surviving print in China is on silk (before 220 A.D.). Today, printmaking still has a strong position as a means of graphic art expression in China, despite the fact that many new graphic techniques have been added since then. In this exhibition, the Chinese graphic art works are mainly woodcuts. In Europe, the discovery of the art of printing in the 15th century was a turning point and many artists were hired to make illustrations for books, as well as artistic images for a growing market of collectors. In Sweden, a number of associations have played a very important role in keeping printmaking alive: Föreningen för grafisk Konst / The Swedish Fine Art Print Society (1887), Grafiska sällskapet / The Swedish Printmakers´ Association (1910), Konstfrämjandet / The People´s Movements for Art Promotion (1947) and later Grafikens Hus (1996). All of them have contributed to disseminating the original graphic art and craftsmanship to a large audience all over the world. Today, artists have a variety of techniques at their disposal, and mixing them is not uncommon to achieve the desired result.

Anders Nyhlén



王炜 Wang Wei

山村的旋律 Mountain Village Melodies

套色木刻 Woodcut

28 cm × 18 cm


汪刃锋 Wang Renfeng

农民像 Portrait of a Farmer

黑白木刻 Woodcut

22 cm × 17.5 cm


李树勤 Li Shuqin

春满人间 Spring Vibes

套色木刻 Woodcut

52 cm × 46 cm


张地茂 Zhang Dimao

盼 Hope

黑白木刻 Woodcut

45.5 cm × 33.5 cm


卢西林 Lu Xilin

满山红 Mountains in Red

水印木刻 Waterprint Woodcut

49 cm × 42 cm


范竟达 Fan Jingda

织 Weave

黑白木刻 Woodcut

38 cm × 41 cm



安百里 An Baili

鸟岛 Bird Island

油印套色 Mimeograph

58.5 cm × 85.2 cm



彦涵 Yan Han

浪花 Spindrift

黑白木刻 Woodcut

30.5 cm × 39.5 cm


胡抗 Hu Kang

山菊花 Mountain Chrysanthemums

水印木刻 Waterprint Woodcut

44 cm × 47 cm



沈邦富 Shen Bangfu

边塞奇观 Wonders of the Border

套色木刻 Woodcut

42.5 cm × 61 cm



蒲国昌 Pu Guochang

春江水暖 Spring Warms the Stream

黑白木刻 Woodcut

26 cm × 29 cm


古元 Gu Yuan

给人民甜蜜 Bring People Sweetness

套色木刻 Woodcut

30 cm × 22 cm



徐匡 Xu Kuang

老同学 Old Classmates

黑白木刻 Woodcut

35 cm × 25 cm



力群 Li Qun

春到洞庭湖 Dongting Lake in Spring

套色木刻 Woodcut

34 cm × 36 cm



刘京 Liu Jing

阳光 – 大理午后 Sunshine – Afternoon in Dali

木版套色 Woodcut

156 cm × 90 cm



唐承华 Tang Chenghua

南方韵情 No.90 Southern Charm No.90

综合媒材 Mixed Media

85 cm × 60 cm



苏新平 Su Xinping

被困的马 Trapped Horse

石版 Lithograph

21 cm × 29.5 cm



古元 Gu Yuan

送肥 Delivering Fertilizer

套色木刻 Woodcut

13 cm × 27 cm



肖映川 Xiao Yingchuan

潮汕人家 Residence in the Chaozhou-Shantou Region

丝网版 Silkscreen

57 cm × 64 cm



古元 Gu Yuan

一湾解冻的湖水 Thawing Lake

套色木刻 Woodcut

31 cm × 45 cm



应天齐 Ying Tianqi

西递村系列之一 Xidi Ancient Village Series No.1

水印木刻 Waterprint Woodcut

40 cm × 50 cm



涂稚华 Tu Zhihua

静 Tranquility

套色木刻 Woodcut

59 cm × 57 cm



吴家华 Wu Jiahua

侗乡三月 Dong Ethnic Township in March

水印木刻 Waterprint Woodcut




彦冰 Yan Bing

林中鸟 Forest Birds

黑白木刻 Woodcut

40 cm × 40 cm



王明月 Wang Mingyue

晨 Morning

套色木刻 Woodcut




周新如 Zhou Xinru

菩提树系列 Bodhi Tree Series

套色木刻 Woodcut

60 cm × 61 cm



李树勤 Li Shuqin

寒林晨曲 Morning Melodies of Icy Forest

套色木刻 Woodcut

38 cm × 45 cm



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