Lecturer: Torsten Jurell


The windling ways between Swedish and Chinese woodblock printing

Time: 2024-04-20, 17:00-18:30

Venue: China Cultural Center in Stockholm

Language: English


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What is the significance of the Swedish artist Siri Magnus-Lagercrantz, born in Gothenburg in 1875, for the printmaking exhibition that Chinese and Swedish artists are participating in now, 150 years later, at the China Cultural Center in Stockholm? There, the artist Torsten Jurell begins his story about why the woodblock printmaking as a form of expression is both joyful and beautiful. Or why AI can never measure up to the use of a potato peeler.  At least not in the field of art.


Torsten Jurell is an artist based in Sweden and China and can be described as a multimedia artist. His woodcut prints are collected by several museums and private collectors.


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