Jiangxi printmaking has a fine historical tradition and clear development context in the history of modern printmaking in China. It is an art form closely connected to the times. Especially, the Yichun printmaking has made significant contributions to the development and tracing of Jiangxi printmaking in the history of modern printmaking in the 20th century. “The Imprint of the Poyang Lake Culture – A Researching Exhibition of Jiangxi Printmaking” aims to present the overall appearance of Jiangxi printmaking over the past 80 years by examining and studying the development context of modern printmaking in Jiangxi.

The literature exhibition section mainly presents the attempts and explorations of printmakers in different historical backgrounds, while also aiming to demonstrate the inheritance and development of modern printmaking in Jiangxi, outlining the scenes of Jiangxi printmaking in various aspects such as artistic creation and teaching practice.

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