“From Ancient Chinese Clothing to Ritual Culture: A Visual Feast of Chinese Civilization.” This lecture will take you on a journey through millennia, from ancient times to the present, exploring the unique charm of Chinese clothing and the cultural heritage behind it.

During the lecture, we will unveil the mysteries of ancient Chinese clothing, exploring the ritual culture and social symbolism behind it, and appreciating the essence of Chinese civilization. Through an in-depth analysis of traditional clothing aesthetics, you will learn how these aesthetic concepts have been inherited and innovated in modern design, showcasing contemporary China’s cultural confidence.

From Hanfu to Tang costumes, from the ceremonial attire of the Ming and Qing dynasties to modern qipao, the evolution of clothing not only reflects the development of Chinese history but also mirrors the exchanges and collisions between Eastern and Western cultures. We will revisit the glorious history of the Silk Road, feeling the spirit of openness and inclusiveness that characterizes China, and the significant role that clothing culture has played in this process.

The clothing of the prosperous Tang dynasty once set international fashion trends, and today, Chinese clothing continues to have a substantial impact on the global fashion industry. The lecture will allow you to appreciate the unique styles of Chinese clothing across different historical periods. Moreover, through a stunning clothing performance, local audiences will be treated to a visual feast, experiencing the fresh look of modern Chinese fashion.

Speaker: CHU Yan – Professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), Director of the Institute of Chinese Cultural Aesthetics of the New Era

Date: May 29, 2024
Time: 17:30 – 19:00

Location: China Cultural Center in Stockholm

Please book via :booking@cccstockholm.org

There will be a limited number of Hanfu for participants to try on, and we warmly welcome you to wear your own Chinese-style clothing to attend the event.

*The events will be photographed and filmed. If you or your family members prefer not to appear on camera, please inform us in advance. We will respect your privacy and take appropriate measures to protect your interests.


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