“Tea for Harmony Yaji Cultural Salon”, organized by China Cultural Center in Stockholm, was successfully held on May 21, 2024, at Lilla Akademien in Stockholm. Hundreds of attendees, including Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Cui Aimin, foreign diplomats in Sweden, and friends from various sectors participated in the event. This event offered an intriguing experience of Chinese tea art, calligraphy, painting, and cuisine.

The tea art area became one of the most popular spots at the event. The professional tea master gracefully demonstrated traditional Chinese tea-making techniques, from selecting tea and warming cups, to tea brewing and tasting, with each step showcasing the essence of Chinese tea culture. The audience not only witnessed the tea-making process firsthand but also had the opportunity to taste various types of tea. With the aroma of tea filling the air, participants exchanged knowledge and insights about tea, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere.

The calligraphy and painting experience area attracted many parents and children. They wrote Chinese characters with brushes on paper to experience the unique charm of Chinese script, and created works under the guidance of professional calligrapher and parents’ encouragement. The painting area was equally lively, where participants immersed themselves into original artistic creation.

The culinary area was bustling with activity, delighting all participants with a feast for the senses. An array of authentic Chinese delicacies, including sweet pastries and specialty snacks, tempted everyone’s taste buds. As people savored the delicious food, they engaged in lively discussions about the charm of Chinese culture, filling the entire area with joy and laughter. The event was culminated in a beautiful performance by bamboo flute player from the China Conservatory of Music Yin Xi, along with students from Lilla Akademien.

This event marked the beginning of the 2024 “Tea for Harmony Yaji Cultural Salon” series, offering not just a cultural experience but also an occasion for cultural exchanges between China and Sweden. Through tea art, calligraphy, painting, and cuisine, people were able to deeply appreciate the profound and unique charm of Chinese culture. We sincerely thank every participant for their active involvement and support, and we look forward to more opportunities in the future to share and experience the wonders of Chinese culture together. China Cultural Center in Stockholm will continue to host a variety of engaging tea art and Chinese cultural activities. We welcome everyone to participate and stay tuned for more to come.

Photos by Wei Xuechao


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