The Chinese folk music performance “Pipa Ballad: Strings Through the Seasons” co-hosted by China Cultural Center in Stockholm and Network of International Culturalink Entities, was successfully held on May 21, 2024, at the Lilla Akademien in Stockholm. Hundreds of attendees, including Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Cui Aimin, foreign diplomats in Sweden, and friends from various sectors participated in the event to experience the unique charm of Chinese folk music.

Artists from the China Conservatory of Music presented the audience with an auditory feast. They performed classic pieces such as Ambush on All SidesReimagined Moonlit River in SpringRainfall Like a River, and Blaze, showcasing the profound heritage and unique flavor of traditional Chinese music. Traditional instruments such as the pipa, yangqin, and erhu resonated with each other, creating gentle, melodious, powerful and vigorous melodies that transport the audience into a poetic artistic world.

Ambush on All Sides depicted the grandeur of ancient battlefields with its dramatic melodies and intense rhythms, immersing the audience in the scene with tension and excitement intertwined in every note. Reimagined Moonlit River in Spring portrayed the tranquility and beauty of the Jiangnan water towns with soothing melodies as a serene ink painting, bringing peace and joy to the listeners.

Rainfall Like a River evoked deep reflections on nature and life with delicate emotional expression and flowing melodies. The concert culminated in the passionate rhythms and dynamic performance of Blaze, drawing hearty rounds of applause.

A special highlight of the concert was the collaboration between Chinese artists and Swedish children in performing several Chinese pieces, providing the audience with a unique audio-visual experience.

After the concert, many attendees expressed that it was an unforgettable musical feast. Several mentioned that this performance gave them a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese folk music. One Swedish attendee remarked, “This is my first time hearing live traditional Chinese music, and it is truly breathtaking. The music is incredibly beautiful, and the musicians’ skills are deeply impressive.”

The Chinese folk music performance “Pipa Ballad: Strings Through the Seasons” concluded successfully amidst waves of applause and praise. This collaboration between China Cultural Center in Stockholm and Network of International Culturalink Entities presented a high-level cultural feast for everyone. We sincerely thank every attendee for their enthusiastic participation and support, and we look forward to continuing to bring you more exciting cultural events in the future, where we can collectively experience and share the beauty of Chinese culture.

Photos by Wei Xuechao


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