Mid-Autumn Festival Concert

Mid-Autumn Festival Concert China Cultural Center in Stockholm will host a Mid-Autumn Festival Concert on Saturday September 14 at 18:30. The invited artists are Wu Jiangyan, a performance artist of Peking Opera, Kunqu opera artist Xiao Xiangping, flute master Chen Yuxiao and  drum player He Zichen. We are also happy to present two young female musicians from Hong Kong; Huang Zhaomin on pipa performing with Fu Beiyi on marimba. Fresh moon cakes and snacks will be served. Please Note: The mid-Autumn Festival Concert is full booked and reservation is unfortunately no longer possible. Thank You for Your support and understanding. We wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!   Artist Presentation Wu Jiangyan Wu Jiangyan is a national first-class actor, the highest disciple of Wei Lianfang – who was disciple of the famous Mei Lanfang – and a well-known performing artist from the Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre. She was admitted toRead More…


Ancient Chinese Shadow Play Brings Joy to Stockholm

Ancient Chinese Shadow Play Brings Joy to Stockholm    On 5 June, a group of special Swedish friends came to the China Cultural Center in Stockholm, where the Ma-style Shadow Play from China’s Anhui Province is already awaiting. The venue of the shadow play was once the castle of Queen Cristina of Sweden in the 17th century. The dome structure is exquisite, lovely, and artistic. When sunlight shone through the window of the dome and blended with the soft pink light within, it gave the venue a dream-like atmosphere. The Anhui Ma-style Shadow Play required only a simple traditional style stage commonly seen in the Chinese countryside. Under the reflection of sunlight and stage lighting, two exquisitely and skillfully crafted Chinese Long, or dragon, appeared on the curtain playing with each other to the cheerful music, making the audience feel like being in a warm and joyful Oriental paradise. AllRead More…


China Cultural Week Program

China cultural Week – Beautiful Anhui Program Performances Shadow Theatre: June 3 at 17.30-18.30 pm June 4 at 13:00-14:00 and 17:00-18:00 June 5 at 9:00-10:00 am   Show with Huangmei Opera, Anhui Opera and Folk music: June 4 at 14:00-15:00 and 18:00-19:00 Exhibitions: Beautiful Anhui Photo Exhibition June 2 – 5 More than 40 pictures showing Anhui’s beautiful scenery and Huipai architecture Anhui Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition June 2 – 5 Traditional Arts and Crafts shown: Hulu pyrography (Hefei) Xuehua paper-cut (Maanshan) Huizhou stone carving (Huangshan) Hongbin silk painting (Maanshan) Shangpai clay figurines (Huaibei). English translators will assist viewers to interact with the artists on site  


Chinese Shadow Theatre

The Hefei Mapai Shadow Theatre Troup is coming to Sweden for the first time, playing for children. Shadow Theatre has a tradition of 2000 years, starting in Han-dynasty, but now unfortunately on its way to vanish, so this is a quite rare occasion. The scene is simple; it is the delicate performance that attracts the audience. Shadows of flat leather sculptures are projected on a white fabric screen with light, creating mysterious sceneries. The stage take place in a small beautiful arch in Queen Kristinas castle, perfect for a rear-illuminated puppet show. Free entrance. Duration: 60 min (divided into two plays à 30 min.) Dates: June 3 at 17.30 June 4 at 9.00, 13.00 and 17.00 June 5 at 9.00   Place: China Cultural Center Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2 111 53 Stockholm Please book your seats and time at: mail@cccstockholm.org OBS. Limited seats!


Chinese New Year 2019 Celebrated in Sweden

Sweden in February is covered by snow and glittering like silver, and now Chinese dragon dance and Fengyang Flower-Drum performance added colour and festivity when the celebrations of Chinese New Year 2019 took place in Stockholm, arranged by the Chinese Embassy in Sweden and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, together with the Chinese Cultural Centre in Stockholm and Chinese people living in Sweden. Several hundreds of people came from all parts of Sweden to join the Chinese New Year 2019 celebrations on February 2nd.Among the guests were Chinese ambassador in Sweden Gui Congyou and his wife Song Jingli, cultural attaché and director of the Chinese Cultural Centre in Stockholm Chen Xiao and her predecessor, Pu Zhengdong who is now leaving his post, director of Anhui Provincial Administration of Culture and Tourism He Changfen g and director of the Swedish Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities Ann Follin. Ambassador Gui CongyouRead More…



The Chinese Embassy in Sweden and the China Cultural Center in Stockholm is going to hold  the 2019 “Happy Chinese New Year” event. Anhui Fengyang Flower-Drum performance in Falköping Time: January 31st Location: the central  square of Falköping Dragon and Lion Dance and Anhui Fengyang Flower-Drum performance in Stockholm Time: February 2nd, 11:30-12:00 Location: parade from China Cultural Center at Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2 in Kungsträdgården to Östasiatiska museet on Skeppsholmen Dragon and Lion dance, song and dance, Folk Opera performances Time: February 2nd, 12:00-12:30 Location: Östasiatiska museet, Skeppsholmen Tea ceremony, origami, calligraphy display, song and dance, acrobatics, folk music, folk opera performances Time: February 2nd, 13:00-16:00 Location: library and auditorium, Östasiatiska museet, Skeppsholmen   Come and celebrate the Spring Festival and the year of the pig! Happy Chinese New Year!